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Theresis is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the major antagonists in the Main Theme, featuring prominently in the Act II: Shadow of a Dying Sun story arc.


Formerly a praetorian guard at the service of the Royal Court of Kazdel, Theresis is the brother of Theresa, the previous monarch of Kazdel, and the chief general of the Military Commission. Like his sister, he wished to put an end to the vicious cycle of the nation's fragmentation and bring peace to the Sarkaz people. As a matter of fact, the two were part of the "Six Heroes" who defended Kazdel against the joint crusade in the Terran Year 898. After the Sarkaz King at the time, Yireh, was killed in action, the "Black Crown" would choose him and Theresa to inherit the Lord of Fiends' powers. However, Theresis voluntarily resigned his powers in favor of Theresa, and instead pledged his loyalty to her, hoping to clear the path ahead and guide the Sarkaz people.[1][2]

Following the war, Theresis assisted his sister in rebuilding the nation and fending off foreign interference, establishing the Kazdelian War Council and even rebuilding the capital into a Nomadic City. [2] In 1031, soon after receiving news about Gaul's downfall during the Battle of the Four Emperors, Theresis reorganized the War Council into the modern Military Commission of Kazdel, and concentrated all of his efforts on further developing Kazdel's modernization. Under his rule, Kazdel experienced considerable advancements on infrastructure, education, healthcare, and anti-Sarkaz discrimination and Oripathy awareness.[3]

However, as time passed, he lost hope in Theresa's vision and became a jingoistic ultranationalist who came to believe that only by uniting Kazdel and strengthening it would the nations of Terra begin to begrudgingly respect them. After years of disagreement, Theresis launched a usurpation of the throne and ignited another round of civil conflict against his sister in 1086, with the support of the conservative Royal Court and the Military Commission.[3]With his supreme command and the enormous force of his mercenaries, Theresis proved himself to be a tough challenger.

Three years before the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, in the year 1094, Theresis launched a siege against Babel during autumn and conducted a "decapitation operation" on Theresa. This resulted in the death of his sister, though it is implied that the Doctor and the ritual to pass on her power to the young Amiya also played a role in her demise. Nevertheless, Theresis easily crushed Babel thanks to some defectors who sided with him, thus emerging victorious in the civil war.[4]

In the aftermath, Theresis was made the Regent of Kazdel instead of being crowned as the new King, but he believed that there was more to be done to end the cycle of Kazdel's subjugation. As the majority of the Sarkaz were loyal to Theresa, Qui'sartuštaj proposed a plan to retrieve her corpse, conceal it in a vessel, and resurrect her when the time was ripe to unify the Sarkaz—a plan that Theresis initially rejected out of rage for the disrespect to his sister. However, he eventually begrudgingly accepted the proposal despite his distaste for it. He also tried to gather all the lords of the Sarkaz clans in the Royal Court so that they could discuss future plans to revitalize Kazdel.

Meanwhile, Theresis has also actively been involved in various political schemes. He secretly aided the Reunion Movement by sending his mercenaries to them until their disbandment after the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, in the hopes that they could help fulfill his ambition of uniting the Sarkaz. However, his sponsorship was actually a distraction to keep other nations from discovering his true intentions.

During the royal feud of Victoria, he was invited by the Duke of Cavendish to pacify the situation and crush a rebellion started by the Duke of Stafford. After occupying the vacant throne, using his military to suppress the Victorian forces, he has since begun to reside in the palace of Londinium and reigns the country from there, while forbidding other aristocrats from entering the capitol. As part of his plan, Theresis also ordered the reconstruction of the Shard into a giant Catastrophe manipulator and the building of an airship fleet, vying to start a world war against all the Terran nations and reunite the Sarkaz.


A Walk in the Dust

In the year 1084, Kal'tsit received a letter from Theresa while staying at Count Vincent's manor in Victoria. Throughout the letter Theresa expounded upon the reconstruction of Kazdel, describing the smooth progress being made thanks to the efforts of Theresis and the Military Commission in keeping foreign powers from interfering in the construction of a Kazdelian nomadic city. As things went on, Theresis spent long nights with the Commission; their decisions getting more and more off track due to the pressure from foreign nations. Theresa began expressing concern over her brother's refusal to listen to her and worried that if other nations discover Kazdel's reunification efforts, that they might attempt to wipe Kazdel off the map.[5]

Episode 07

During the climax of the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, Theresis asks Qui'sartuštaj whether or not it was worth working alongside Talulah, the leader of Reunion. He also notes that dealing with the Reunion remnants left by Talulah is not enough to weaken her and necessitated a "comprehensive response" from the Sarkaz. After Qui'sartuštaj informs him the "true King of Sarkaz" is ready, i.e., the time to resurrect Theresa had come, Theresis boastfully claims that his "dead" sister was the rightful King of Sarkaz and remained superior to her unknown successor.[6]

Episode 09

Theresis conferred with Qui'sartuštaj about the arrival of the lords of the Vampire and Nachzehrer Sarkaz clans at Londinium. He emphasized that this is the closest moment towards reunification since the civil war and wants no faction to stand in the way. When talking about Dublinn, Theresis baffles that Dublinn is trying to underestimate Londinium by setting up conflicts at the southern part of Victoria. Towards the end of the conversation, Theresis orders Qui'sartuštaj to keep an eye on Rhodes Island if it tries to come close to the capital. He also dispatches Manfred to handle Mandragora, the envoy from Dublinn.[7]

Episode 10

"I hope you understand, Theresa. I'm doing all this for the sake of Kazdel and every Sarkaz in Terra."
Theresis presiding over the leaders of the Sarkaz tribes alongside Qui'sartuštaj and the resurrected Theresa

Episode 11

Theresis delivers a fatal blow towards Kal'tsit – the one responsible for the Crusades against Teekaz

A Rhodes Island squad consisting of the Doctor, Shining, Kal'tsit, Closure and Amiya along with Stainless and his comrade is intensely fighting against the Royal Court's soldiers. When the squad manages to get rid of the soldiers in their way, however, Theresis suddenly ambushes them by himself and nearly kills Amiya instantly, only failing due to Kal'tsit and Mon3tr blocking the blow, severely injuring them. Shining tries to fight him back, but is only barely able to hold him off long enough for them to retreat. During the confrontation, Theresis refutes Kal'tsit's claims that he is only accelerating the destruction of the Sarkaz and Terra as a whole, claiming he'd rather have that than allow the Sarkaz to be "robbed of the right to live" by her schemes, and that he'd make good on his old promise to kill her.


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