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Gambino Ricci is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists of Code of Brawl and one of the main characters of Wolf and Wolfpack, part of To Be Continued, and a supporting character in Il Siracusano.


Gambino grew up together with Capone in Siracusa and made their first blood when their fathers ordered them to dispose of a traitor. At some point Gambino and Capone became sworn brothers, making their oath before their fathers' grave.[1]

Seven years ago, in the year 1090, the Gambino famiglia, a member of the loosely-banded Famiglia Sicilia, was involved in a "fiasco" in which the family was ultimately purged by Signora Sicilia after an offense against her. The incident forced Gambino and Capone to leave Siracusa, led the surviving Sicilians to settle down in Lungmen, and took over the leadership of the Family's branch there.[1]

His experience after the "fiasco" made Gambino adopt a more "direct" approach in leading the Family,[2] often putting him at odds with Capone.


Code of Brawl

Gambino and Capone are first seen playing a card game on a bar in Lungmen. When they start arguing on their approach in leading the Mafia, the bar's owner Emperor was annoyed, ending in a shootout.[3]

As part of the plan suggested by Capone to deal with Emperor, Penguin Logistics, and their partner MountainDash Logistics[2] as well as taking over their assets,[4] Capone and Gambino oversees the ambush on the car carrying Bison on Lungmen's highways. However, the ambush fails due to the P.L. crew's intervention and Gambino berates Capone for letting Bison slip off their grasp.[5]

After the P.L. escapes another ambush by the mafioso via stolen motorcycles, Gambino dismisses Capone's "cautious" approach and urges him to take more drastic measures, but he reminds him that they have to play by Lungmen's rules.[2]

Gambino led the attack on P.L.'s The End of the World bar, where he recognized Texas as a "stray dog" and fought her as the mafioso keeps the rest of the P.L. crew busy, only to be overpowered, forcing Gambino and his mafioso to flee.[6]

Gambino confronted Capone afterwards, berating him for his cowardice, and ended up fighting each other. Amidst the "brother versus brother" fight, the P.L. crew shows up, resulting in a stand-off between the mafioso and the P.L. with Mostima engaging Gambino.[1] The brawl ends when the Rat King intervenes with his sand Arts as Capone escapes during the confusion.[7]

Dismissing Capone as a traitor who would sell out his own Family for his own skin, Gambino and Capone have another fight, but Jaye and Waai Fu intervenes in retaliation for the mafioso's attack on Uncle Tung under Capone's order, with the latter fighting Gambino.[8]

Amidst the fight, the Rat King himself appears; Gambino confronts the Rat King out of his pride as a mafioso, who easily overpowers him with his sand Arts. As Gambino is trapped by the quicksand created by the Rat King's Arts, Capone stabs him on the back, seemingly killing him.[9]

However, Gambino survived the confrontation and was forced to watch as the Rat King used the mafioso to wrap up the "Lungmen gig" alongside Capone.[10]

In the aftermath, Gambino, his actions having made an enemy out of Lungmen, tries to escape, only to encounter Capone, who is on the same ship as him. Before the confrontation ends up in another brother versus brother fight, Lappland appears to deal with the "turncoats".[11]

To Be Continued

Il Siracusano