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Lungmen Back Alley
Lungmen Streets

Before operation

The Rat King appears and rescues Waai Fu and Fillet. Capone stabs Gambino and hopes to surrender, but is rejected by the Rat King. The Mafia had long been swallowed by the Rat King, and everything dances in the palm of his hand.
<Background 1>
[The fight between Gambino and Waai Fu drags out with the former starting to overpower the latter...]
Gambino ...I'm tired of this.
Waai Fu Nng—!
[...and eventually struck her down.]
Gambino You're strong. And you've shown me some really cool kung fu.
But I can't keep playin' with you like this.
Real sorry about this, but you, your buddy, and that traitor, you all gotta die here.
Boys, weapons ready.
Mafioso A Ready!
Waai Fu So you're going to win with sheer numbers...?
Capone It ain't so simple, Gambino.
Listen up, once the so-called "boss" opens fire, that's the official announcement of the end of your affiliation with the Gambino Family. Don't go easy on 'em.
Mafioso B Got it!
Fillet Waai Fu, this side too...
Waai Fu We're getting boxed in.
Gambino Hah. We got the Family all split up, and the prey becomes the predator. We got a nice chaotic battle here each fallin' into each other's traps.
It's just like that time back in Siracusa... But this time, it's a gamble we got no choice but to win.
Capone Too bad you've always been a shit gambler.
Rat King All right. That's enough. Settle down.
Capone What!
Gambino You finally crawled out of your filthy hole?
Rat King Mr. Gambino, I am truly sorry, but I've given you and your Family so many chances.
Gambino We got no trust between us at all. You really think I'd hand the Family over to some non-Sicilian freak?
Rat King Sicilian. While I have not once in my life set foot in a Siracusan city, I do know that you are unworthy of describing yourself as such.
Gambino ...What are you gonna do?
Rat King The time for questions has passed, young man. And you have broken the rules far too many times.
Once was your transgression, another was yours. But it matters not. You have both overstepped your bounds.
Capone ......
Gambino You goin' back on your deal?
Rat King I made no deal.
Gambino Hmph. You really think you can take us?
You sit on a throne in a stinking sewer, telling desperate people who got no choice but to throw down their lives what to do. That's you.
Rat King It behooves you, as head of your household, to broaden your horizons.
Compared to everything we have been through, your little Siracusan fiasco was a stubbed toe.
Gambino Shut up!
Rat King Have you ever seen a true onslaught? What it means to truly have barbarians at your gates?
When moving cities crash against one another, smoke chokes the skies, and the dying infected rot away by cesspools, crying in hopeless agony?
You know nothing. And yet you think to fight a city.
Capone (He's immensely powerful... him and that woman with him...)
(Shit, we have to at least stop provoking the Rat King... now is not the time...)
Gambino You think you stand for all of Lungmen?
Rat King Lungmen certainly cannot stand for me.
Gambino Enough talk! Haah—!
[Gambino attacked the Rat King, but Waai Fu stands to protect the Zalak...]
Waai Fu No one will permit you to strike this old man.
Fillet Get back, Waai Fu!
[...with Fillet joining in as well.]
Gambino Out of my way!
Rat King Thank you. You are Ah Fil. I've heard your story.
Fillet You're the one Uncle always talks about...
Rat King Heh, my old friend.
I thank you for helping Lungmen put a stop to them. And I thank you for your pursuit of justice.
Now, please leave.
Waai Fu But...
Rat King I promised many times to many people that I would not let the children get mixed up in such matters.
Fillet ...Waai Fu.
Waai Fu Fine.
<Background fades out and in>
Rat King The children are gone. And with them your hope of victory.
Put down your weapons, kneel before me, and your "Family" will have at least some chance to survive.
Gambino Do you really think your threats mean anything?
Rat King ...You are on our land. It means to us what Siracusa means to you. You must know this much.
You still have some chips on the table, young man. Wouldn't you like to save them?
[The Rat King uses his Arts to turn the ground into quicksand...]
Mafioso A Qui- quicksand?! Run!
Mafioso B Aaaaaagh! My hand! D– don't touch the sand!
Gambino You cocky—
[...trapping Gambino with it.]
Gambino Hmph.
Rat King Calm yourself, young man. I don't need my hands to stop your sword.
Look around you at your companions. This city has bled so much already. I really don't want to see "Family" killing one another on the program.
This is your last chance.
Gambino I ain't gonna turn coward again. Leaving Siracusa was the last step backwards for my Family.
I'd rather die here like a true Sicilian than ever let the enemy see me run off with my tail between my legs.
Rat King Perhaps in your mind, this is the way for a warrior to behave. But for a leader, going too far is as bad as not going far enough.
You should reflect, and introspect. Unfortunately, it is too late.
[The quicksands are about to swallow Gambino up.]
Gambino Aaaagh!!
Capone ...This is the end, Gambino. You should never have bet the whole Family on this.
Gambino Capone, you, you son of a—!
Capone Calm down. We don't want you to go out too hard.
[Capone stabs Gambino in the back...]
Gambino Gah!
[...seemingly killing him.]
Capone Funny. You don't look surprised at all. Were you waiting for me to do this?
Rat King What are you thinking, backstabbing boss-killer?
Capone I'll offer up the whole Family. We're gonna live here, in Lungmen. And we're not gonna fall on our swords for no good reason.
Rat King It's too bad... if you were truly willing to work together, that woman never would have exiled you from Siracusa.
Capone You know a lot about us... But I'm not gonna ask. It's Lungmen.
Rat King Indeed. It's Lungmen.
You mean I should be easier on you, since you're willing to personally discipline the disobedient?
Capone My Family will take orders from you.
Rat King "Your Family."
You are simply describing the situation as it is. You made so many miscalculations you have no other choice.
Capone Right. It's been a hell of a night. I've had a lotta setbacks. But that's business.
Rat King Mmm... Business.
You're absolutely right. This is an excellent deal. Fair and equitable.
Capone Then—!
Rat King But, Mr. Capone, it's Lungmen.
It's not me.
Rat King I have no need of your loyalty. Never did.
[Unexpectedly, a number of mafiosi appears on the Rat King's side.]
Capone ......
You... from the very beginning, you were...
Mafioso It's what it is. We gotta survive.
Rat King When you tried to worm your way into Lungmen, your mutual suspicion ground turned you up into a sheet of sand. A stone is hard to break. But sand? I can easily scoop up a handful.
I have no love of trickery. It's really no fun at all. What matters is what I said a few minutes ago: I truly do not wish to see family massacre family...
And yet you did harm to your own brother, right in front of me.
Now for this, I would not say you've crossed the ultimate line. So I will not kill you.
It's just that, since you disobeyed me, I'm afraid I have no need of such a crafty and conniving friend.
Capone You...! You had these moles in the Family from the very beginning! And you waited until we got at each other's throats, and then you...!
[Capone is subdued by the Rat King's sand Arts.]
Capone Gah!
Rat King You're wasting your life on idle words, young man.
Heh... while you toyed around with the power over them, your underlings were mulling it all over for you. Truly remarkable.
Their loyalty has bought them a chance to survive in Lungmen. And a life for each of you as well.
Now then, you have seen for yourselves the choices made by these two leaders, and now the time has come for you to fulfill your commitments.
Capone ...Heh.
Rat King. No, Lin. Lin Gray, you're more Sicilian than either of us.
You tore my honor to shreds, and then you let me live? Are you trying to humiliate me?
Mafioso —!
Rat King ......
Astonishing. To save your life, you don't hesitate to draw a sword on your own brother, your own leader, and yet when I offer to let you live, you are determined to die?
I thought only the one out cold over there would gnash his teeth at me so.
Capone That's because I too am "Sicilian."
Or I guess I should ask if you really thought you could wipe out one of Siracusa's "Families" and get away with it?
Rat King Idle threats. You must know that nobody will go to war over an erased Family. Take a step back and see that even though some hopeless, scattered warriors may ignorantly think to act...
...I say let them come. Let them be torn to shreds by the true rage of this city.
Capone Grr!
Rat King You alone have no power to stand against us.
Now. Go.
Capone ......
...I guess my life just has to go on for now, but one day you'll regret that you didn't kill me, a true Sicilian, today.
No question.
[Capone flees from the Rat King and the turncoat mafiosi.]
Rat King ...If I were to send a man to kill him now, what would you do?
Mafioso You wouldn't do that.
Rat King But what he said is true. I have no reason to be so lenient with a Siracusan mafioso.
Mafioso We had a deal. When we came face to face, we'd defect, and you'd let the others go.
Rat King Unless, of course, the remaining mobsters force a fight to the death.
Mafioso ......
Rat King Heh heh. Don't worry. He didn't mean that. He's simply a coward who wants to live. But his anger is not feigned.
An unrighteous man has nothing for which to live.
Remarkable. His negligible dignity saved his life, in the end.
Mafioso ...Thanks.
Rat King Go. It is time to bring this evening to its conclusion.

After operation

Penguin Logistics meets Waai Fu and Fillet at an open-air party, where Waai Fu and Texas pair up to vent about their frustrations. Emperor's performance is reaching its climax when he is suddenly slain by the Rat King.
<Background 2>
00:38 AM \ Dusty
Downtown Lungmen, Plaza, Outdoor Party
Bison We followed the directions all the way but why is... is that a block party?
Exusiai Check out that candle! It's huge!
Texas Settle down, Exusiai.
The air smells so sickly sweet, I feel like I want to puke.
Croissant Mmm... we oughta get ourselves a booth here next time. I bet we'd make a bundle!
Sora Texas, have you heard from the boss?
Texas Not yet. He's probably passed out drunk somewhere.
Exusiai, can you get this thing off my head?
Exusiai Why!
Thanks to this stupid light on my head, I don't get to wear big fun party hats like that. I'm so jealous!
Sora What happens if you try to force a hat on?
Exusiai I get a feeling that's something like waking up hungover to find I'm in the passenger seat of a car driven by a very emotionally charged Texas.
Croissant And that don't sound like a good time.
Sora So you've tried that before...
Exusiai So where's the boss?
Bison There's so many people here, if the enemy chases us this way, they'll get all mixed up with the civilians...
Fillet Ah.
Waai Fu It's Penguin Logistics.
Texas And you're... the girl from the detective agency...
Exusiai And this guy here with you is that infamous knife-wielding helmsman from the docks?
Fillet What? No. That's the craziest version I've heard yet...
I'm just a typical hawker. Oh! Tonight I'm a part-time finball master.
Waai Fu And you must be Texas?
Something happened tonight. Don't act like you don't know.
Fillet Waai Fu, you don't have to be so aggressive with them. They're just...
Waai Fu I know. But it's ridiculous how many times this has happened.
It's fine as long as you don't get anyone else mixed up in this.
But when it comes to getting innocent people hurt, causing so much damage to their property, can't you think like honest, law-abiding citizens for once?
Texas ......
Bison (Nothin' we can say to that.)
Texas ...So what?
Waai Fu So we must correct your deficient character.
Sora Th– there's no need to come to blows here. We know we've made a lot of trouble for a lot of people tonight, but we can talk this out.
Texas Sure.
Sora Texas?!
Texas Let me say this first: everything that's happened tonight is completely baffling and inexplicable, and also completely exhausting.
So let's just say I'm not in a great mood right now.
You hear what I'm saying?
Waai Fu One on one. If I win, you guys follow the rules to the letter.
...for at least one month.
Bison (Just a month?!)
Texas And if I win, then you and all your goldbricking busybodies have to mind your own damned business.
Waai Fu Fair's fair... But I won't go easy on you. Get ready!
[Texas and Waai Fu duke it out with each other.]
Fillet Ugh. How did we come to this.
Bison Hold on! Both of you, calm down! You can't just have a fistfight in the middle of the...
Drunk Woah! Kung fu! Sick!
The wolf's not going down easy. C'mon! Look out behind you!
It's been a long time since I saw Yan kung fu this good! Show us some more!
Bison This isn't a show!
Sora Get her, Texas!
Exusiai Watch your leg! It's a feint!
Bison You don't have to join in!
[The others can only watch as Texas and Waai Fu keeps fighting.]
Fillet Soda. Want some?
Croissant Oh. Thank ya kindly. But ain't ya gonna try to stop this little kerfuffle?
Fillet I can't stop it. Looks like you know that already.
Bison So we just watch?
Fillet Or I guess we could cheer them on?
<Background fades out and in>
Broadcast *crackle*
Bison What's that?
Broadcast Attention! All good citizens attending the Sauin celebration!
Drunk What?
What's up? What's that guy doing?
Broadcast Can you hear me?
Drunk Hey! You're too loud!
Broadcast Aight. Great. You can hear me.
Now, everybody, quiet down! Quiet down please!
Lend me your ears. And bow before me.
Drunk What's this guy's deal?
Wait a minute, that's Emperor! From Monster Siren Records! C'mon!
Shouldn't he be in Columbia?! What's he doing in Lungmen?
<Background fades out and in>
Bison What is Mr. Emperor... doing?
Exusiai The boss always does this music producer thing.
Sora I mean, he is a music producer.
Croissant Our operating capital ain't just from the logistics business. The baws's got all kinds of revenue streams. Like...
Bison Like what?
Croissant Nah. Never mind. Prob'ly best not to say too much.
<Background fades out and in>
Texas Grr!
Waai Fu What's the matter? You're slowing down.
Texas Look how the people are moving around us. It's too regimented. Something's not right.
Waai Fu Don't make excuses!
<Background fades out and in>
[The crowd cheers upon watching Emperor's performance.]
Drunk EM! PER! OR!
Emperor ......
??? ...how noisy.
Rat King Today is Sauin, Mr. Emperor, but your dreadful "music" is loud enough to wake the dead.
Emperor Say what?!
[The Rat King stabs Emperor in the back, mortally wounding him.]
Emperor You... when did... how'd you get behind me...?
Rat King Good night, Mr. Emperor. And a happy Sauin to you.
Emperor ...ugly ass rat, you better... remember...
Drunk What just happened? Is this some kind of play...?
Did he just stab Emperor? Is he dead?!
[Meanwhile, Texas and Waai Fu still fights.]
Texas Hya!
Waai Fu Hai-ya!
Drunk Urk...!
[Waai Fu hits the drunkard.]
Fillet Hey, Waai Fu, you hit the wrong...
Texas No. She didn't.
We're surrounded.
[The P.L. crew is surrounded by a throng of Lungmenites.]
Drunk ......
Exusiai Um... Did they follow us all the way from the slums?
Croissant All these fellers here, they're all on the same team?
Sora No way. So many...
Bison They're all here for us. It was a trap. And Mr. Emperor...
The Rat King Speaks.png
Rat King Is this thing on...? Ahem, hello? Testing? People of Lungmen, good evening.
Please do not panic. This dead fellow here is but an insignificant penguin. The Sauin celebrations will proceed as planned. Naturally, some professionals will be here shortly to remove this bothersome corpse.
Now I know this is quite sudden, and I apologize for the interruption, but I thought I would add one more special program to tonight's Carnival.
Our friends from Siracusa have brought us a very special gift. It is hidden somewhere here in this very Carnival.
Time grows short, my friends.
<Background 2>
Bison (Is he watching me? No, wait, that old man...)
Rat King It will be terrible if no one finds this precious treasure.
The very last surprise of your lives.