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Monster Siren Records (MSR), one of the world's largest music publishers in the eleventh century in Terra. From heavy metal bands to the idol industry, MSR artists are involved in all aspects of music. According to the latest statistics, MSR occupies more than 30% of the music market in Terra.

Monster Siren Records (MSR), commonly known as Monster Siren or Siren, is a record label in the world of Arknights. Based in Columbia with the famous rapper Emperor as one of its producers, many renowned musical acts from all backgrounds and genres across Terra are associated with MSR, earning them worldwide popularity and made them the most successful record label in Terra.

MSR is noted to employ some idiosyncratic marketing tactics, one of which is forming a "mystical rap/rock" band made up of five handsome Lupus.[1] They are also currently making an idol project titled Shining Steps which is a fusion of American Idol and AKB48, primarily aimed to young women who aspired to become an idol and officially endorses the eponymous outfit brand to promote it.

Associated artists

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Hypergryph releases all music made for Arknights under the Monster Siren Records flag. They also made an official MSR website where many Arknights music, both from past and future (in the Global server) events, are available for listening.

HG later made official accounts of MSR in YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, and Apple Music under a third party – the Taiwan-based record label YOYOROCK. This is likely done to allow an easier access of Arknights music to Global (and later TW) players and in response to a YouTube account that monetized videos of Arknights music taken from Bilibili without HG's permission (which has since been taken down).[2]