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The Church of the Deep is a Terran organization and the antagonistic faction in Under Tides, Stultifera Navis, and Mizuki & Caerula Arbor. It is an Aegirian "heretical cult" mainly based in Iberia whose goal is to fulfil the will of the Seaborn.


The Church of the Deep has been a problematic and dangerous cult in numerous ways. Their followers worship the Seaborn as their "gods" and are heavily influenced by the monsters' insidious hive mind, which can be seen by their followers who are reduced to mostly mindless drones. To disguise from the authority as well as luring in unsuspecting believers, it incorporates elements of the Lateran religion into its doctrine. To make the matter worse, some of the Church's members even infiltrate the official ranks of Aegir's government, making them hard to root out as some of them are prominent political figures.

According to one of the Church of the Deep's beliefs that began spreading on Iberian culture, the Sea Terrors are actually the fruits of a "Tree" in the bottom of the ocean

The Church's hierarchy begins with the "Heralds" like The First To Talk who are basically humanoid Seaborn that brings the hive mind's messages to their followers. Beneath the "heralds" are twenty bishops who are secretly infiltrating the land. These bishops use different techniques to assimilate the land-dwellers with the ocean such as feed individuals with food that is actually spiked by the Seaborn's cells.[1]

Following the Abyssal Hunters' great assault against Ishar'mla, one of the Seaborn's "gods," the Church has been eyeing on them for a long time. They are responsible for the kidnap of the surviving Hunters such as Laurentina and conducting inhumane experiments on them. They are also plotting to kidnap Skadi, the one who brought the final blow onto Ishar'mla, in order to bring her back to the ocean and revive Her. By doing so, they wish to bring a second Profound Silence onto the entire Terra as part of the Seaborn's ultimate goal.[2]

Notable members

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  • Marin: An Aegir bishop who was Thiago's previous lover. She was one of the Church´s cultists operating in Gran Faro, and was later arrested and executed by the Inquisition.[3]