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The Shanhaizhong ("ye of the mounts and seas") is a Terran organization and the antagonistic faction in Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow. It is a cultic syndicate that is mainly composed of extremist Feranmut worshippers whose goal is to revive their "gods" and challenge the Yanese authorities.


While the origin of the Shanhaizhong remains unknown, their tradition could be traced back to the ancient era long before Yan's Great Hunt against the "gods" a thousand years ago, hence earning them the title the "Feranmut Followers." Even after that victorious war, they persistently survive into modern era. Under the slogan of "gathering the brothers across the mountains and seas, and returning to their lords," they manage to recruit a complex variety of members ranging from filthy outlaws, cultic religious leaders, to even the first-class mandarins and dukes within the imperial court.[1]

Much of the Shanhaizhong's activities involve undermining the imperial order such as creating chaos within cities and villages in the name of their "gods." Their activities eventually attracted the Sui Regulator, allowing them to arrest much of the triad members twenty years ago (the year 1082) during the Yumen crisis. Still, some manage to hide in the dark and even accept other Feranmuts like Ya and Wang as their nominal leaders. Their strength gradually increases as Sui's revival draws nigh.

Notable members

Ya icon.png
Ya was just nominally chosen to be a leader for a Shanhaizhong team.


Di Beast
Raging Di Beast
Shanhaizhong Skirmisher
Shanhaizhong Vigilante
Shanhaizhong Relayer
Shanhaizhong Harbinger
Shanhaizhong Desperado
Shanhaizhong Phalanx
Shanhaizhong Ringleader
Shanhaizhong Secret-Keeper
Shanhaizhong Seer
Shanhaizhong Oracle
"Sand Voyager"