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Wang is an NPC in Arknights. He is the antagonist of Invitation to Wine and Here a People Sows.


Wang is the second avatar among the "siblings" of Sui, being known for his deep, sheer hatred towards anything and anyone, including himself.[1] He wields the power of knowledge in which he can slowly learn everything to a point of forgery such as mimicking the caligraphic power of his sister Jie. So far, Wang is the only known evil sibling who works together with the the imperial government of Yan, specifically the Ministry of Rites, to revive his "father." He also learned how to play go/weiqi, a game which rules, while simple, are similar to the art of war. This allowed him to understand that even if things on the land are chaotic in nature, as long as he makes the rules, he will always figure out the final outcome, that being the inevitable end for him and his siblings.[2]

Wang has been acquainting with the current Grand Tutor of Yan for a long time. By the time the old Lung took his position, he declared a challenge with the brother to set him free through a go match; if the brother is defeated, he must willingly imprison himself for a period of jiazi (甲子), or sixty years. In the beginning, the brother frequently lost the match to the Grand Tutor. After hundreds of years of practices and mimicry, the brother finally made his first victory in the most recent sixty years and was set free as promised by the Grand Tutor.

However, his unfettered freedom was marked with several disasters caused by him. Specifically, a mysterious conflict led to the "death" of his third sister Jie whom he trusts a lot, causing him to distrust humans forever. The tragedy forced the Grand Tutor to have another round of chess match with Wang and imprison him again after the former's victory. Little did he know that the brother quietly fragmented himself into 181 black go stones and scattered across Yan, which he declared to used them "to set up a game across the entire land."[3] His ultimate goal is to kill and replace Sui, so he could use His powers to "benefit" thousands of living creatures on Terra. Even if the plan itself implies sacrificing his own life, Wang is nevertheless willing to pay the price for the sake of his siblings' freedom.[4]

Since then, Wang's fragments remain hidden across Yan. Some of them are noted to be merged with numerous relics such as the black goblet that would represent Sui's avatar. Recently, he even used his goblet to have a match with the famed chess master Xiang Ru inside a shrine which resulted in the latter's death by heart failure.[5]


Invitation to Wine

Here a People Sows

This section pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.


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