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A lone man can start a fire easy enough, but even if you point a knife at his neck, he won't be able to put it out alone.
—Lachmann justifying his actions

Lachmann is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists in Lingering Echoes.


Lachmann is one of the Echoes of Herkunftshorn operating in Vyseheim. Although his background is unknown, he is noted for being a provocateur and hating the Sarkaz, which can be seen in the way he expresses discomfort with Hibiscus despite her being a Rhodes Island Operator. On top of that, he is also very devoted to the Witch King, eager to fulfill the prophecy of his return.


Lingering Echoes

Lachmann first appears when Hibiscus arrived to the Afterglow district. Unsettled by her commentaries about the Witch King's prophecy and the fact that she is a "devil", he joined the angry mob to try push her away from the district, but ran away after Ebenholz showed up and dispersed the mob with his flute.[1][2]

Later on, Lachmann received orders from a noble to head to the laboratory in the sewers beneath the Afterglow, but was caught in the act by Ebenholz, who figured out that Lachmann was the one spreading the rumors that would led the mob to attack Hibiscus. However, Biegler would show up, giving Lachmann a chance to escape through the sewers.[3]

Lachmann was actually stirring up large numbers of Originium slugs living in the sewers, which would later swarm to the surface, causing havoc in the Afterglow through their toxic gas. It turned out that Lachmann's actions were not just triggering a chemical attack, but also an attempt to fulfill part of the Witch King's prophecy: "Pestience from Shadow wanton spouts, spews Ruin in Prelude"[4]

In the aftermath of his encounter with Biegler and Ebenholz, Lachmann would be incapacitated by the latter using his Arts, and presumably taken into custody.[4]