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Shen Lou, referred to as the Boatman in-game, is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Invitation to Wine.


Shen is a former Imperial Guardsman who served the military of Yan for around a decade. He had been stationed at the empire's northernmost frontiers together with his comrades such as the current drillmaster of the Guards.[1] After ending his service, he has since been working as an ordinary boatman sailing along the rivers bypassing Shangshu for more than twenty to thirty years.[2]

Even though Shen has left the military for a long time, the veteran remains active in maintaining justice. At one time, he led some boatsmen to arrest a band of river bandits who were also targeted by the imperial court. Although the mandarins responded by sending some of their best Tianshi to infiltrate the group, a misunderstanding suddenly broke out between the Tianshi and the vigilantes due to the latter mistaken the former as real bandits. Luckily, Shen settled the matter swiftly by dealing with the betrayers within the vigilantes. In the aftermath, the tianshi were credited by the common folks for the operation, but many martial artists and mandarins are aware of Shen's involvement and respect him highly.[3]

Aside from his kung fu, Shen is skilled in his rain Arts in which he could control precipitation and even sense the different temperature of raindrops, earning him the title the "Rainmaster of Duckweeds."


Invitation to Wine