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Damien is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in A1 Operations Preparation Detachment.


Not much is known about Damien other than being Thunderstone's right hand and second-in-command of the Red Hand gang, having worked at his side for years. Although generally passive, he won't think twice on attacking those who dare to interrupt order in the Tkaronto Infected District. He holds suspicion over the local Mama John's representative, Splitears, stating how he always has been a "goof". He and the Red Hand members had raised Elba since her adoption from Thunderstone, treating her as family. At one point he even helped her retain Andrew so she could destroy the active Originium chunk he was carrying.[1][2]


A1 Operations Preparation Detachment

When the "Black Hornet" approached Tkaronto, Damien helped Fang and Elba to evacuate the residents. However, the movement systems of the plate suffered considerable damage, but the generator was left intact, so he hoped that the relocation process would begin once it's operational.[3][4]

But things would turn out for the worst after Thunderstone sacrificed himself to let the others escape, giving Damien a last farewell before disintegrating. Unable to control her anger due to Thunderstone's death, Elba attacked Fang with her Arts, making the floor start to crack. Damien jumped to try rescue her from the freefall, however, but his fate remains unknown even as for the aftermath of the Catastrophe.[5]

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