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Gerhard Hoffmann is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor antagonist in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Gerhard Hoffmann was one of the best casters in Leithanien. During the era of the Witch King, he served as one of the thousands of casters under House Urtica. Ultimately, he joined the resistance and fought during the coup against him. During the final battle, Gerhard was gravely injured. Fremont, his teacher, helped nurse him back to health. Although the resistance was successful, his classmates, friends, and even his lover did not survive.

Gerhard became depressed and attempted suicide, but Fremont persuaded him out of it by allowing him to research the Güldenesgesatz, in hopes he would have a better understanding of his life. Gerhard thus became a teacher at Ludwigs-Universität and spent twenty years studying the Güldenesgesatz. However, throughout his research, he became hyper-fixated with the Witch King and his many achievements. He realized that Leithanien only became what it is today through his efforts.[1]

Regretting his decision to betray the Witch King, Gerhard sought to implant the Voice of Mundane into descendants of the Witch King's bloodline, to revive him. However, the experiment was a failure, with young Ebenholz and Kreide being the only two survivors.[2]


Zwillingstürme im Herbst

Gerhard first meets Ebenholz in Forest Park in Zwillingstürme. The two talk for a while before Ebenholz decides to confront Lessing and escape into the sewers.[3] Later, the two meet up again at a spire at Ludwigs-Universität. He persuades Ebenholz that they are on the same side. He betrays Fremont and uses his Arts to protect Ebenholz as they flee from the spire.[4]

Gerhard and Ebenholz navigate the school while Lessing chases after him. They manage to shake off Lessing and make their way down to a secret passage into Herkunftshorn's secret chamber, where the Witch King rewrote the Güldenesgesatz. He is fascinated by all the ancient relics inside the chamber, symbols of glory from a past time. However, Ebenholz panics after seeing the Echoes of Herkunftshorn hiding within the chamber and threatens to kill himself. Gerhard proceeds to knock him out with a brass horn.[5]

Gerhard reveals to Ebenholz that he is a member of the Echoes of Herkunftshorn. Furthermore, he was the one who conducted the original experiments involving the Voice of Mundane. He aims to use the melody within Ebenholz to revive the Witch King. Lessing then breaks into the chamber, intent on stopping Gerhard. He successfully eliminates all of the nearby remnants. Fremont also appears to stop him, but Gerhard reveals his trump card: the stolen Güldenesgesatz from Sturmland. Even though he is well aware of the risks, he embeds Herkunftshorn's Arts inside him and unleashes its power.

Although his actions managed to summon the Genesis Horn–which was not the real deal—Gerhard was dismayed to see it destroyed so effortlessly by Empress Grimmacht. His body, unable to withstand Herkunftshorn's Arts, begins to rapidly deteriorate. Injured on the stairwell, he is approached by Arturia. She reveals to him that he has never been truly free and that his reverence towards the Witch King may come from an external force. Gerhard realizes that he and all Leithanians are being controlled by the Güldenesgesatz.

Gratified by this realization, Gerhard ecstatically sprints to the highest point in Ludwigs-Universität, relieved to have found an explanation for his years of doubt and confusion. He stares at the evening sun one last time before his body finally collapses and his soul becomes free.[6]