Seamus Williams

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Seamus Williams is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor supporting character in Episode 09 and What the Firelight Casts.


Seamus is a famed bard known for writing poems relating with the Taran culture that are even admired by the Victorians. But to the nationalists, he is treated as their hero, while to some anti-Taran Victorians, his works are treated as historical revisionism and separatist propaganda.[1]


What the Firelight Casts

Episode 09

Seamus shows up to the Tarans' secret night meeting, where he's recognized by the guests for his works about the Gaelic Kings. He's then approached by Horn, who he has a small chat with before she's rushed by Bagpipe. However, Colonel Hamilton and a squad of Victorian soldiers interrupt their meeting and interrogates the guests, including Seamus.

Seamus surrenders himself to Hamilton and his soldiers in order to protect the guests, but they're interrupted by a bomb thrown from a window. Without regret, he decided to sacrifice himself through the explosion.[2] This would ignite Dublinn's uprising.