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Not to be confused with "The Last Steam Knight".

The Last Knight is an NPC in Arknights. He is implicitly mentioned in Grani and the Knights' Treasure, Blemishine's Archive files, and Near Light, before appearing as a supporting character in Stultifera Navis. He is also the deuteragonist of Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.

Legend has it that the Last Knight returned to Iberia. The enemies reflected in his eyes were not living creatures, but rather, he charged at the mountains, the cities, and the waves.
Legend has it that the Last Knight settled by the coast, sustaining himself on the wind and taking shelter in the mist, until at last he forgot how to remove his helmet.
Legend has it that the Last Knight finally disappeared after clashing against the great waves. His family discovered what he'd left behind along the shore and brought it back to the Land of Knights, burying it deep in the mountains.
Legend has it that his or her story was brought to light by a poet. Embellished, sung, given both meaning and symbolism. And in this form, they did finally return to the Land of Knights, as a highly controversial figure.
However, there are some who believe that the mad knight triumphed over the ocean, over time, over death itself. That his quest continues until the end of all things.[1]


Let grassland be grassland again. Let sky be sky. Let the people be resolute once more. Let our glory last forever! I shall be the last knight!
—Excerpt from The Last Knight[2]

Originally known as Mortica,[3] the legendary "Last Knight" is an iconic Kazimierzian hero. Legend says that he embarked on a bizarre journey to conquer everything, such as nomadic cities and the oceans, and bring the true meaning of knighthood. However, he eventually vanished in history and was left forgotten. The only known last record about him is that he found his home in Iberia, set sail from its coasts, and then disappeared forever among the waves aside from leaving some relics behind.[4] His family eventually engraved his relics in a mountain near Dewville that will be named after him by later generations; the relics inside his mausoleum will later be known as the "Knight's Treasure" that Carol and her ancestors have been guarding for,[5] and they also set up many businesses that exploits his name for profit.[6] His story later, is also be recorded in a fantasy novel that later inspires many Kazimierzian knights such as Maria, Margaret, and Viviana, though many conservatives also criticized the story as too blunt and meaningless.

The "treasure key" of the Last Knight's mausoleum that entombs many of his secrets

On the other hand, not only is the "Last Knight" actually alive, but he is also an important figure in the battle against the Seaborn. Among all the relics entombed inside his mausoleum, the "treasure key" that requires a pure-blooded Kazimierzian to open its chest is the most important one. This is because that "key" was previously used by Breogan, the famed Aegirian engineer, to conceal his documents and research notes concerning those monsters on the Stultifera Navis, the last Iberian dreadnought that was lost during the Silence. The "key" will eventually be picked up by the "Last Knight" on the shore before his sudden disappearance.

Although the "Last Knight" eventually successfully "conquered" the waves, his mind had been slowly corrupted by the Seaborn, turning him into one of them while retaining his human conscience.[1] Together with his mount Rocinante, he is embarking on his ultimate journey to find the source of the Seaborn and end their terror once and for all.


Stultifera Navis

This section contains story information that are non-canonical to the plot of Arknights.

Mizuki & Caerula Arbor

"Are you... against... the ocean... or... with it...?"
"I will... never... bow... to you... NEVER!!"
"The... ocean... slay... the... ocean... SLAY THE OCEAN!!"