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Emperor Corsica I of Gaul is a background NPC in Arknights. He is mentioned in various stories such as Phantom & Crimson Solitaire and Episodes 11 and 13, and known as the last monarch of the defunct Gaulish Empire.


Prior to the disastrous Battle of the Four Emperors, Corsica I was the renowned Emperor of the Gaulish Empire, which occupied most of Terra's centrum, succeding the throne in the Terran year 1019. Known as the youngest military genius in the empire's history, he issued various decrees that would contribute to the country's industrialization. Following the enactment of the "Second Economic Reform Act", Corsica also strengthened the military's reformation, thus consolidating Gaul as a hegemonic power.[1]

However, despite his reputation as a brilliant strategist, Corsica was also known for his missteps, most notably his deranged expansionist tendencies, as he sought to employ military conquests to its fullest.[2][3] Most notably, in August of 1029, Corsica would try to turn Leithanien into a vassal state through his envoys in order to create a strategic alliance that could not only "bring" prosperity to the kreise, but also prevent Ursus and Victoria's expansion towards the central valleys.[4][5][6] Upon hearing his proposal, Herkunftshorn, the Witch King, decided to transform all rounded envoys into statues and sent them back to Gaul.[7] Enraged by the Witch King's actions, yet completely underestimating the situation, Corsica declared war on Leithanien and commanded the Grande Armeé in the frontlines. He chose to agroup all of his armed forces into one place, succesfully breaking through the Spire Nobles' defense line in Kreis Sturmland. However, despite gaing advantage during the following fourth months and even counting with the support of the Royal Court of Kazdel's envoys, Corsica's forces would be single-handedly wiped out by the Witch King's Arts, leading the war to a stalemate.[8][9] To make matters worse, Frederick III of Victoria and Ivan Yevgenyevich of Ursus would decide to join forces with Leithanien.

During the late stages of the war, Corsica's forces were already outnumbered by the coaliton's forces, but nevertheless decided to adopt more erratic strategies for his attacks and mobile operations, resulting in constant defeats due to how hard it was to maintain them. In October 21, 1031, Corsica finally fell prey to the coalition, and his flagship would be destroyed. His constant strategic mistakes and poor performance in leadership would led to the empire's fall in about one night, thus bringing an end to the Gallic Era that lasted for more than a century.[10] On the other hand, the news of his death would devastate his wife, the Last Empress-Consort of Gaul a.k.a. the Natator, who remained loyal to him, and chose to stay in the Imperial Palace in Lingones, making a last stand against the enemy forces by impaling herself with an Originium shard. It's implied that she overused her Originium Arts as a result.[11]

In the aftermath, Corsica I was officially declared as K.I.A.. However, his body is still missing.[3] Rumors say that his remains were retrieved by a group of Gaulish restorationists hiding somewhere in the Bleached Wasteland.[12]


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