"Right Eye of the Natator"

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The "Right Eye of the Natator" is a Collectible in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire.

Item description
Guard and Sniper Operators have +15% ATK, but Supporter and Caster Operators have -5% ATK

One half of the Gaulish empress's crown is now housed in the Royal Museum of Londinium. When she learned of the death of the emperor, the empress consort was determined to fight her enemies to the end–for her country, and for her departed beloved.


Increases the ATK of Guards and Snipers by 15% at the cost of reducing the ATK of Casters and Supporters by 5%.


The player must have chosen to listen to the man's demands in Encounter: Theatrical Necessities at the cost of 1 Life Point to obtain either Eyes of the Natator.

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