Hand of Shredder

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The Hand of Shredder is a Collectible in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire.

Item description
Dreadnought, Swordmaster, and Instructor Operators' attacks ignore 70% of target's DEF

Tear it all apart. Their armor is nothing but cloth in your hands.


The attacks of Dreadnought, Instructor, and Swordmaster Guards will ignore 70% DEF.

Hand of Shredder greatly improves the affected Guards' DPS against virtually all enemies, which can help against those with high DEF such as Heavy Defenders and compensates the mediocre DPS of Instructors and Swordsmasters. Hand of Shredder does stack with other DEF ignore effects, making it especially useful for Swordsmasters with SWO-Y Operator Modules such as Cutter.

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