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The "Bladedance" is a Collectible in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire.

Item description
When the battle begins, a random Operator will have +100% ATK and +100% Max HP within the operation

An artifact left behind by a "Crimson Troupe" member. "Bladedance" was a quiet Sargon dancer as well as a warrior of spectacular martial prowess, and her loyalty to the troupe is unparalleled. Even among the members of the troupe, there are few people who know of her dark past.


In each (Emergency) Operation or Dreadful Foe, a random Operator in the squad will have their maximum HP and ATK doubled; the said Operator will be surrounded in a red aura when deployed.


The player must have completed a Formal Investigation run before the Bladedance may be obtained from the next run through the "Eccentric Hunchback" Encounter by choosing to ask for it in exchange for 4 Originium Ingot icon.png.


  • The Bladedance is based on the Jambiya, a type of dagger from the Middle East.
  • A user named "Bladedance" can be seen commenting on U-Official's streams during the April's Fools event.

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