"Beauty and Ugliness in the Age of Terra"

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"Beauty and Ugliness in the Age of Terra" is a Collectible in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire.

Item description
For one time only during any battle prior to the final battle of the area, gain 10 Life Points and continue onto the next step instead of concluding the exploration upon mission failure

A legendary book published in Victoria fifteen years ago. The book describes the author's appreciation of aesthetics in simple terms, and it contains a comprehensive record of literary, artistic and musical knowledge and history. The book covers both the past and present and is an easy read, with many honoring it as the "great art encyclopedia of our generation." Yet it is rumored that the book's author was the leader of a certain small troupe and was murdered a few years ago by a hitman codenamed "Blood Diamond."


When the player fails an (Emergency) Operation (including quitting out of it), they will proceed to the next node and gains 10 Life Points.png instead of failing the run, essentially giving the player a "second wind" and acting as a superior version of End of Times.png "End of Times". However, the player will not enter the result screen and thus will not receive anything from the (Emergency) Operation.

Beauty and Ugliness in the Age of Terra can only be activated once per run, after which it becomes useless.


The player must have lost 20 Life Points in a single operation, which still counts if the run fails in the process, before Beauty and Ugliness in the Age of Terra can be obtained from the next run through the "Art Connoisseur" Encounter, requiring the player to have Flowers of Quinde.png "Flowers of Quinde" and Numbness and Obscenity.png "Numbness and Obscenity".


  • This Collectible's name is the longest of all items in the Global server of Arknights.