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The "Whiteflower" is a Collectible in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire.

Item description
When the battle begins, randomize all allied operators' Deployment Cost

An artifact left behind by a "Crimson Troupe" member. The stage name "White Solanum" belonged to a famous Leithanian opera actress. Supposedly, the actress revered as the "Whiteflower that stands atop the high tower" had complex relationships with many of the tower's nobles, and she even tried to spark a few scuffles among them.


In each operation, Operators will have their DP costs shuffled, which can actually shuffled back to theirs. For instance, if Myrtle is present on the squad alongside Passenger and Surtr, her DP cost may be changed to that of Passenger's (33) or Surtr's (21), while theirs may be changed to that of Myrtle's (10).


The player must have completed a Formal Investigation run before the Whiteflower may be obtained from the next run through Encounter: Eccentric Hunchback by choosing to ask for it in exchange for 4 Originium Ingot icon.png.


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