Hand of Outburst

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The Hand of Outburst is a Collectible in Expeditioner's Joklumarkar.

Item description
Heavyshooter, Deadeye, and Besieger Operators deal increasing damage to enemies as the target's HP decreases, up to a maximum of 50%, and instantly defeat enemies below 20% HP

Smash open every single crack, or perhaps make the very first.


Increases the damage dealt by Heavyshooter, Deadeye, and Besieger Snipers based on the target's missing HP, up to a maximum of 50% when the enemy has at most 50% HP remaining, and when the aforementioned Snipers attack enemies with at most 20% HP remaining (including reducing their HP to below 20%), that enemy will be instantly defeated!


The Hand of Outburst is given as the starting Collectible of the "Fix On It (Mæna gegn)" Expeditioner Record.

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