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Vizegraf Loris Bordin is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Loris is the current captain of the Zwillingstürme Gendarmerie Corps. Originally a Lateran merchant, he moved to Leithanien 38 years ago (The Terran year 1062), but was arrested for accidentally stepping on a poster on the ground. The authorities arrested Loris for supposed foreign opposition and was due to be publically executed the next day. Luckily, he was saved by an elderly, limping Liberi Gendarmerie guard who supposedly killed a few Gaulishmen back in the day. The Liberi felt bad for Loris and decided to free him. However, a few days after Loris' escape, the Witch King executed another batch of dissidents and turned them into lifeless, twisted horn sculptures, one of them being the same Liberi who saved him.[1]

After earning his citizenship, Loris would start working as a Gendarmerie officer. During the Septemberrevolution in 1077, he answered the Twin Empresses' call and was the first soldier to step foot in the Witch King's spire. Thanks to his heroism, the Twin Empresses would bestow him the title of Vizegraf. Over the years, Loris earned a good reputation as a Gendarmerie captain and has solved many strange cases within Zwillingstürme. For instance; In 1079 he arrested a gang of thieves who used their Arts for "romance scams". And in 1085, he shot dead a dangerous hypnotist on the loose.[2]

At some point in time, Loris met with a young lady by the name of Yulia Schüler. It is implied that Loris was in love with her and had even proposed to her before her sudden disappearance in the year 1085.[3] Though officials deemed the case 'closed', Loris never stopped investigating the case. Even as he grew jaded with the nobles' attitude and was forced to listen to them, he still silently looked after Yulia's brother, Jan.


Zwillingstürme im Herbst

Three days before Das Kaiserinnensfest, Loris was in charge of investigating the mysterious death of renowned artist Frieda Seemann. He cooperated briefly with Viviana during the investigation. He had ordered the art gallery to close the exhibit, with the Gendarmerie bearing the charges of the gallery's damages. He also hoped for the journalists to release a publication about Frau Seemann's last work, believing it to be worthy of some amount of praise.[4]

Later, Federico met Loris in his office to request his assistance in finding Arturia Giallo, a wanted Lateran fugitive. Federico had sent twenty-seven letters of correspondence to him, which Loris had supposedly never properly read. Despite his unwillingness to help Federico, he decides that he should keep the Sankta under his supervision while doing his work.

While investigating a ruckus at a noble's behest, Loris finds out that Yulia's brother, Jan, has been hanging out with the Echoes of Herkunftshorn and carving twisted horn sculptures using his Arts. Despite his scolding, the boy doesn't listen, yet Loris refuses to arrest him. Loris and Federico then rest at a cafe, where he informs Federico that he will be retiring after Das Kaiserinnensfest is over. He also leaves his wallet to the shopkeeper and tells him that it's for Jan's college tuition.

Loris and Federico then head to Forest Park to follow a lead regarding the Echoes of Herkunftshorn. However, he mentions he has no desire to follow Federico to catch the remnants, because more likely than not it's some noble's kid that he cannot touch. Loris makes a phone call while Federico goes into the park. He tells the shopkeeper from earlier to give the keys to his house from inside the wallet to Jan. His final wish is for somebody to take over the Yulia Schüler case.

Loris hears the sounds of fighting underground but decidedly ignores it. Not long later, Loris hears the sound of music and becomes affected by Arturia's Arts. He sees shadows of the past, including the old Liberi who once saved him. Loris becomes compelled to do the right thing one last time and charges alone into the sewers, where Ebenholz is fighting the Echoes of Herkunftshorn. His brave act allows Ebenholz to escape at the cost of his own life. His body is then turned into a twisted horn sculpture by the remnants.[5]

The day before Das Kaiserinnenfest, Jan requests Federico to fulfill Loris' last wish. Since Loris is a Lateran citizen, Federico complies and decides to investigate the Yulia Schüler case for him.[6]