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Walden, Viscount of Caster is an NPC in Arknights. He is first mentioned in SilverAsh's second Operator Record, Unbreakable Ice, before appearing as a supporting character in Prelude Suite: Keen-Edge, Silver Blade.


Walden is a member of the distinguished House Caster of Victoria and an old friend of Olafur Silverash, who stablished a good relationship with over twenty years ago during his studies in the country. With over a decade of military experience and having already traveled all arround Victoria, Walden became one of the most prominent people within the aristocracy in County Skyes, whose fifedom was personally granted by the Duke half a year ago. His ultimate goal is to develop the county into a modern Nomadic City with the help of potential business partners, in order to regain the Duke of Caster's favor and help consolidate the family as a pillar of Victoria's political power. However, despite his recognition, many people see him as a threat to their interests, even being targeted by the ruler of County Skyes himself, Baron Stuart.[1][2] On the other hand, Walden is noted for his hatred towards the Infected and the oppressive restrictions he set upon them. As a matter of fact, County Skyes posseses harsher and more strict Infected policies than in any other Victorian county, with an example of this being how merchants are prohibited to sell goods to them.

The Viscount is also the father of Carle and Kate Caster, heirs of his respective branch of the Caster family. However, in Fall 1089, Carle was supposed killed by Infected rioters not long after the annual Harvest Festival banquet hosted in the Walden manor.[3]


SilverAsh: Unbreakable Ice

While not appearing physically, Walden requested Enciodes to help retrieve his youngest daughter, Kate, who was kidnapped by Infected bandits, demanding a ransom of 100.000 Victorian Pounds in twenty days, otherwise, they'll kill her. Enciodes managed to convince him to pass the request to Rhodes Island. Three days after Enciodes contacted Carle, Walden became horrified after learning that his son was still alive, let alone Infected.

Although Rhodes Island managed to save Kate, they failed to establish a connection with Walden.