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Outcast is an NPC in Arknights. She is first mentioned in Ceobe's Fungimist[1] before appearing as one of the main characters of Episode 09.


Outcast playing cards with Jane and the staff at R.I.'s office

Despite her old age, Outcast turns out to be a carefree, delightful woman who loves playing cards and chatting with her friends during resting hours. She is also a coach for the Sankta Operators in Rhodes Island. By the time of the Main Theme, she is already in the midst of retirement. Still, the old lady is willing to offer her help during free time.[2]

According to herself, Outcast was once a Lateran nun of a certain church decades ago. On a particular mission to stop a local war, she was requested by the inhabitants of a certain town to fight against their enemies. Out of her neutrality, she in turn persuaded them to stop fighting or use peaceful methods, but it was met with stubborn objection. With disappointment, she left the town with a few of her followers who were willing to listen to her. And the next day, the town was annihilated. The tragedy forced her to leave the church, but she never regrets the decision she made.[3] However, her background seems to be mixed with Misery's even though she was indeed a nun in the past. Perhaps, she blends them up as a made-up story to encourage her juniors.[2]

Outcast uses a cowboy-style revolver. However, she always inserted only five bullets inside the cylinder and never fired the sixth one. According to her, the reason for it was because she had made a Lateran "covenant" (or "bet" by her words) with Kal'tsit as a "judgement" for her sinful past.[4] If she breaks it, she will face a severe punishment.

Outcast is also one of the Elite Ops who participated in the Chernobog incident as one of R.I.'s recon team leader.[5]


Episode 09

Outcast is sent to Victoria in order accomplish some documental work alongside Blaze and Misery. Her arrival at County Hillock not only surprises the local R.I. personnel but also lead to her encounter with Jane, who has been helping them as volunteer for a while. As days passed, Outcast notices the abnormality in County Hillock, first from the Tara secret codes in a newspaper and then noticing somebody tracking Jane and Bagpipe.

Six bullets shall ye taste...
...and thy judgment shall be done.

Indeed, Outcast's prediction is correct following the Dublinn's uprising. She saves an operator from a Dublinn soldier while he is distributing Oripathy medicine to the locals. At the same time, she orders R.I personnel to halt any daily activities, quickly evacuate, and provide protection for Jane due to her status as a Victorian soldier. As the matter turns worse following the dirty bomb shelling by Colonel Hamilton's troops, Outcast, Jane and R.I personnel conduct a humanitarian aid to the locals.[6] It is also during this period that Outcast rescues an injured Draco, a leader named Loughshinny, after receiving a report from her operators.[7]

Before Outcast could bring the Draco back to her team, she meets Bagpipe who is surrounded by Dublinn's "Six Criminals." She hands the girl to Bagpipe and orders her to run and never return. Realizing she will be outmatched, Outcast finally inserts the sixth bullet inside her cylinder and fires them at once, thus breaking the "covenant" she made with Kal'tsit. The punishment for her is a scorching pillar of sacred light, but at the same time, it also kills the Dublinn leaders on spot.[8] Thus, the Sankta has cast her final judgement onto the sinners.


The Elite Ops are indeed sad for Outcast's sacrifice. Especially for Misery, he insists R.I. to quickly enter Londinium to take revenge for her and find out the ultimate killer. However, Kal'tsit is not surprised of her death by breaking the "covenant" and warns him to beware of his vengeance.[2]

Outcast also has left a memento behind together with Ace's. However, upon her death, the key is destroyed and it could never be opened.[9]