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Sorrowful Woman
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Dublinn Soldier
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Hillock Square Aftermath

Before operation

To retrieve "The Leader", the Dublinn heads begin to massacre anyone who dares to oppose them. Jane stands up against them to save the townsfolk.
<Background 1>
5:57 P.M. \ Rainy
County Hillock, Unoccupied house in the vicinity of District Ten
Severely Infected Hnngh...
Outcast Finally awake, huh?
Considering the damage your lungs have taken, just breathing is going to hurt like a bitch. You'd better save your air.
Severely Infected *cough*, *cough*...
Outcast Your abdomen was pretty much torn open... you're in worse shape than I thought. What kept you alive?
Aha... not that I'm a doctor, but I know a thing or two about the anatomy of this race or that.
My friend thought you were a Vouivre. You can't blame him for that. He's young. He never saw your ancestors tromping across the world.
Severely Infected Hnnnng–!
Outcast Simmer down. That wouldn't be good for you.
I've seen your Arts, and I've taken some precautions. I'm afraid it won't be easy for you to set this house on fire.
Severely Infected ......
Outcast Now look at that face there. Feeling a little relieved now that you know you can't fight me?
That might be more natural than your instinct to defend yourself–Might be the truer emotion, one from a deeper place in your heart.
Severely Infected No...
Outcast Sounds like you're mighty friendly with that word.
You were forced to become someone you don't want to be. I can see that in your pain.
Who's using you? The moneyed ones who just have to stick their hands everywhere? Maybe the shadows in the high tower? Or some thirsty nationalists ready to bring their country back?
No, none of those. You're a gang with a puppet for a leader. There's no way you could've put this together in such a short time under Londinium's watchful eyes.

You... you're a lesser kind of shadow, shoved out onto the stage.
Now does that mean your puppetmaster's of your same blood?
Severely Infected Stop...
Outcast Stop what? Too scared to even let me talk about him? Or is it her?
Sure enough. It's not just you. The whole of Victoria... no, the whole world trembles in fear of that one.
She must be about your age, but she turned the tables on the ones who'd use her, and so quickly too.
It looks like change is coming sooner than I thought... We'll need to be ready.
Severely Infected You... Latera...no...
Outcast No need to go guessing at my motives.
I didn't care who you were when I decided to save you. Now I actually know who you are, but it hasn't changed my mind one bit.
Severely Infected You... are...
Outcast You're better off not knowing who I am.
As soon as you're strong enough to move, you'd best skedaddle. And don't ever tell anyone who saved you either.
I'm not gonna let you die here. That's all you need to know.
Severely Infected ......
Okay... Thank...
Outcast You can thank me later. All I can do right now is remove the infected tissue and stop the bleeding.
You got run through with the most infectious kind of Active Originium. A heaping helping of Originium granules shot into your circulatory system through those wounds.
I gave you an inhibitor shot, but I'm afraid that won't be enough to stop crystals from forming in your organs and even on your skin there.
Soon enough, you'll pass out again with a fever. That's a good thing. Then you won't have to deal with the nasty inside-out pain that comes with the acute attack.
You may cough up blood. I'll try to keep your head up so you don't drown in your own blood vomit.
Severely Infected Ugh.... Mm-hmm...
Outcast And that's just the start of the suffering. You probably can't go back to your old life. Oripathy's writing a whole new course for you.
Your followers will abandon you. Some will hate you, look down on you. It won't be easy for you to lead again, and it'll be hard to get your kin to accept you as you are now.
Severely Infected Hah...
Outcast Oh? There's that face again. That's not despair. No, that's relief, at becoming an Oripathy patient?
Well, I don't blame you. No matter how intense the artillery barrage, it's never enough to pin down a young red dragon.
You're looking to dodge destiny, but fighting something like that's gonna come with a hefty price tag.
I got one thing wrong there–
You may be less belligerent than your kin, but you're just as tenacious, and no less courageous.
Severely Infected Ughh...!
Outcast Relax. Get some sleep. I'll be here.
Severely Infected It's... too...
[The severely infected woman falls into unconsciousness.]
Severely Infected ............
Outcast It's dangerous here? That's what you manage to squeeze out before you go dark?

It's definitely a little too quiet.
I'm gonna say you're more than just a pawn to them. Looks like a change of plans.
This is a risk, but Rhodes Island needs your intel... I'm sure Kal'tsit will understand.
<Background 2>
[Amidst a heavy rain, a Dublinn soldier reports to a group of Dublinn commanders.]
Dublinn Soldier Report. We haven't found her.
[One of the Dublinn commanders punch the soldier.]
"The Bandit" You idiot!
What good are you morons when you can't even keep track of one girl?!
Dublinn Soldier S-Sorry!
"The Immolator" You're sure she was struck?
Dublinn Soldier Yes... One of my sentinels saw it himself. There was an execution this morning when the bombardment happened, The Leader might've...
"The Bandit" She's our bloody Leader! You understand, don't you?!
You remember what you swore when you joined? Now you run with your tail between your legs the moment the enemy shows?!
Dublinn Soldier It–It all happened so fast! We didn't have time to respond...
Besides, The Leader said she wanted some time alone, and ordered to keep everyone away...
"The Bandit" So what if I tell you to drop dead, you gobshite!
And you tell me you're not bloody useless!
"The Immolator" Stop it. Beating him to a pulp won't do us any good.
We just need to know if she's dead or alive, and where she is.
"The Toxicologist" Let... me... do it...
"The Immolator" Alright. Just don't go overboard.
"The Toxicologist" *Sigh*...
Dublinn Soldier P-Please forgive me... *sobs*... Please...
What's... going on... Ugh! Bleuch–
Hah... hahahaha!
"The Toxicologist" Did you see... her...?
Dublinn Soldier She fell! She fell! Hahahahaha! She fell! Got blown up! Dead!
[The Dublinn soldier dies from the "truth serum."]
"The Immolator" –That's what you call not overboard?
"The Toxicologist" I used... too much... Need to... remember this...
"The Bandit" Well, that's bloody disgusting. Remind me to steer clear of this sick bastard when he tests his drugs out.
"The Immolator" At least we know he wasn't lying.
The blast knocked her out right here, and she was heavily injured. It was most likely fatal.
"The Bandit" But she couldn't have gone far with that wound. So where is she? It's not like she got blasted clean through the ground!
"The Immolator" I don't mind blowing up the whole street again.
"The Bandit" Next time you blow anything up, let people KNOW first!
[Two more Dublinn commanders show up.]
"The Accountant" Who said we're blowing up a street?
"The Immolator" We need to find her, even if we have to burn down the whole city to do it. One street won't stop us.
"The Accountant" It's clowns like you, stupid as the Victorian Army, that make holding this city rapidly more trouble than it's worth.
"The Immolator" So what do you think we should do?
Who takes the fall when The Leader finds out we lost her, huh?
"The Elocutionist" The Leader's anger is not the only thing we have to fear.
I invite you to think about it. In the eyes of our many warriors and compatriots, she stands for Dublinn.
If she breaks free of our control, it won't matter whether our enemies or our ill-meaning "friends" get their hands on her. It isn't a happy ending.
"The Bandit" Come to think of it, she... she knows all our bloody plans!
"The Immolator" ............
Say, those two ladies... do they know about this?
"The Accountant" They left as soon as the meeting was over. I don't think they would've caught word just yet.
"The Bandit" Mandragora's not fond of the girl. She's not going to care.
"The Immolator" Harmonie... I'm not even sure if she's on our side.
"The Elocutionist" Watch your words. We all stand by our Leader.
"The Bandit" Say what you will, I don't care what you do with Harmonie, but Mandragora's a good girl. Don't you dare drag her down.
"The Elocutionist" Why would we, my friend? She's an inseparable part of our team. Like us, she longs to demonstrate her talents and loyalty to the Leader.
"The Accountant" I've no idea what Harmonie said to Mandragora, or why it has her hanging onto every word. She's too happy to be doing it, too, almost like she expects something.
"The Immolator" What's so important about a transmitter that it's worth delaying our victory?
"The Accountant" The Leader still hasn't shown any hint of approval toward our plans.
"The Elocutionist" As long as we can prove to her that we've done no wrong, we still have a chance to persuade her yet.
"The Bandit" So you mean, we still have to look for her?
"The Elocutionist" Even if we must search the entire city.
"The Bandit" Alright. Enough chit-chat, then. Let's move!
"The Accountant" Wait, wake "The Convict" up.
"The Bandit" Huh? Us five aren't enough to drag her back?
"The Accountant" Don't forget our agreement. We all will take credit for our achievements.
"The Bandit" Get a load of you... You'd sell your own mother.
If the idea's to keep the outside from catching wind of this, then what are we doing with these troops?
"The Elocutionist" Naturally, we'll bring them with us. After all, the more hands, the better, until we find our quarry.
"The Bandit" And once we do...?
"The Elocutionist" I'm sure we all know what comes next.
No one can escape Dublinn–
And no one may ever glimpse its secrets.
<Background fades out and in>
Janie We need to get rid of these bandages–
Young Volunteer But I washed them already...
Janie That's not going to help. The whole box has been contaminated by the Originium on the ground. We can't be sure the dust's been completely washed off.
Young Volunteer Jane, look, I know you're speaking sense, but we don't have enough supplies.
Look over there. They're carrying even more people in. Look at how seriously wounded they are...
Janie Are those...
Young Volunteer Do you know them?
Janie I... yes, I... knew them.
But I don't think they'd want to see me here.
Could you look after them? I'll head for the clinic and see if I can find some supplies.
Young Volunteer Jane, look! Someone's here!
[A Dublinn soldier shows up.]
Dublinn Soldier Out of the way!
Janie ............
Young Volunteer Sir, are you here to help us?
Dublinn Soldier Out of the way means out of the way.
Sorrowful Woman Wait, are you... Ronan?
Dublinn Soldier ......
Go block-by-block, and make sure you're thorough! There's a lot of alleys around here, and she could be hiding anywhere! Got it?
Sorrowful Woman What are you doing, Ronan? It's us! Your neighbors! You put on new clothes and suddenly you don't know us?
Dublinn Soldier I have... an important mission. Piss off, or don't say I didn't warn you!
Sorrowful Woman Craig's hurt. Please, help him. He's helped you out so much...
Dublinn Soldier What are you talking about?!
[The Dublinn soldier, now known as Ronan, pushes the sorrowful woman away, causing her to fall onto the ground.]
Sorrowful Woman *Whimpers*... I...
Janie (The wounds on her back are serious...)
(And her kid, Craig... he's had a bad wound to his head too.)
(I need to stop their bleeding, but I know they don't look kindly on me...)
Dublinn Soldier You've searched this whole place?
Are you positive no one here matches her description?
Janie (Are they looking for somebody?)
Dublinn Soldier Ugh. No... no. All these people shoving in here, it's a mess. What do we say to the higher-ups if more of them sneak in once we turn and leave?
Janie (Are they... looking for the woman Outcast saved?)
(Does that mean she's in danger...?)
(I need to go.)
Dublinn Soldier Oi, you lot. Get up, and leave at once!
Young Volunteer Sir, we have far too many wounded here. None of them can move...
Dublinn Soldier I give no shit you can't move. Get up and go!
I want all these Oripathics out of this district! Keep an eye out in case they pop. Even the Originium shards outside aren't as dangerous as this lot!
Let's take a fine example. This boy with the bloody face–
Craig *Whimpers*... M–Ma...
Sorrowful Woman Craig, Craig! No, please don't take him! I beg you!
Young Volunteer You! You're not just abandoning them, you're going to kill them?!
Dublinn Soldier What's your bloody problem?! We're Tarans, all of us! What's wrong with a sacrifice for Tara's great cause?!
Angry Youth Ronan, that's what you said last time, and that's when we lost Saoirse!
Janie (Saoirse...?!)
(It's him... He's the one who betrayed Saoirse...)
(And then they took her and... they...)
(He traded Saoirse's life for that uniform!)
Dublinn Soldier She deserved it! She betrayed–our–trust!
That's what you get for failing to understand our great Leader's struggle! And if you don't cooperate, you're next!
Janie Enough.
Young Volunteer Jane? I... I thought you'd left?
Dublinn Soldier And who do you think you are? Wait, I've seen you before... You're not Taran, are you?
Janie Please, stop.
You talk like it sounds so light. Who are you to decide who should sacrifice for anything?
Dublinn Soldier What's that you're holding... A banner?!
You... You're a Victorian soldier!
Janie Am I...?
No, not anymore.
But. If you insist on trampling the lives of the innocent, then I am your enemy.
Dublinn Soldier Innocent...? Do you know what they've done? You call them innocent?
This child, and everyone here... None of them's got clean hands.
Janie Then... what about you?
You traded your own people for your position, and now you turn around to oppress them... Who will judge you?
Dublinn Soldier And who are you standing up all cocksure for? Come on, get her out of here! And round up all the Infected mingling with the Victorian deserter! It's time we clean them up!
Sorrowful Woman Please, help us! Help...
[Ronan strikes at the sorrowful woman, but Janie blocks it with her banner.]
Janie That's far enough.
Dublinn Soldier What are you trying here? Bugger off already!
Look at you carrying that tatty banner wherever you go. You don't have what it takes to be a real soldier, do you?
Janie Whether that's so, or whether it's not, I will not let you continue doing evil here.
Dublinn Soldier Oh, can you not even cop on? What do they have to do with you? You're going to let them fiddle you like this? Thick as a brick up there, you are!
Janie I...
Craig ...*Sobs*...
Janie True, I can't speak Taran.
I can't cross my heart and claim I've experienced the life you all have.
I don't have Oripathy, either.
For the past two years, every day, I've walked the same streets as you.
I've heard your tears. More than that, I've seen your smiles.
I know deep down that we are all the same people, living our lives.
As long as we're human, we will make mistakes. Those who do–should be stopped, and judged. They should be tormented by their own hearts–
But. It's not for some ungrateful brute to decide their fates.
Sorrowful Woman You... You're going to protect us? You don't hate us?
Janie *Exhale*... I'd be lying... if I said "not at all."
I'll stop pretending... there's no bitterness between us. What Craig did was wrong, too, and I've no intention of shielding any guilt.
But a friend has taught me–the evil I see before me has to be stopped.
This has nothing to do with which side I'm on. I'm doing what's right.
Sorrowful Woman Th–Thank you...
Craig ...Ah...
Janie Calm down, Craig. You don't need to tug so hard.
It doesn't matter if I was ever a good soldier. I've been ready to fight from the moment I deserted.
But your wounds...
The banner's the cleanest thing I have on me, and there's a better use for it right now.
Jane gently wraps the torn piece of the banner around the wounded child's forehead.
Craig *Sobs*... I–I'm sorry... M... Miss...
Janie Don't worry for now, Craig. You get some rest.
As for you, soldier, it's time you leave–
And before you do, you'll need to pay for what you did to Saoirse.
Dublinn Soldier What, and you'll make me, all by yourself?
Janie If I have to.
Angry Youth ...We're with you too.
[The people rally behind Janie, knowing that she will stand up for them.]
United We Stand.png
[Janie raises her banner, signaling the people to rise up against Dublinn.]
One by one, the wounded men with less serious injuries step out of their hiding spots and stand behind Jane, the girl with her banner held up high.
Dublinn Soldier What... What are you all doing?!
Are you going to resist Dublinn?! O'Brien, you should be helping me get her! Don't forget how Damian died!
Angry Youth No, Ronan. I haven't forgotten about Damian, but on the other hand... I haven't forgotten about Saoirse either.
We've done a lot of bad... I'm not blind. Now that it's come to this, I can tell who's really been trying to help us all along.
Dublinn Soldier She's not even Taran!
Janie Do you see the looks in their eyes?
We stand together. For now, at the very least.
Dublinn Soldier You... absolute idiots! You'll all die here for your foolishness!
Janie Watch your injuries. Don't push yourselves.
Leave these villains to me.
I will win this battle...
No–together, we will win this!