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The Ancients is an umbrella term for a large group of Terran races that made up the bulk of Terra's civilization. However, the Ancients are actually not native (i.e. alien) to Terra, if the Sarkaz's claims that they are among the "outsiders" accompanying the "First Civilization" is to be believed.[1][2]

Race Based on
Aegir Aquatic animals
Anaty Musteloids
Anura Frogs
Archosauria Crocodilians
Aslan Lions
Caprinae Goats and sheeps
Cautus Leporids
Cerato Rhinoceroses
Elafia Deer and giraffes
Feline Feliforms except lions
Forte Bovines and camelids
Kuranta Horses
Liberi Birds and bird-like mythological creatures
Lupo Wolves
Manticore Manticores in Persian mythology
Perro Dogs
Petram Chelonians
Pilosa Sloths
Pythia Serpents
Rebbah Hyenas
Savra Lizards and salamanders
Ursus Bears
Vouivre Lesser dragons, prominently wyverns
Vulpo Foxes
Zalak Rodents, opposums, and moles


While the Ancients' origin remains a mystery, Trevor Friston the Preserver refers to them as "humanoid creatures",[note 1] implying that Ancients are animals brought by the First Civilization into Terra that underwent neo-Darwinian evolution into their current form.[3] This is likely to be the case, as Mephisto somehow regressed into an avian monster that the Doctor, a First Civilization survivor, recognized[4] after using the Sarcophagus.


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