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The Pythians (singular: Pythia), also known as Phidians (singular: Phidia), are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Pythians/Phidians have the traits of serpents, which can be seen from the shape of their tail and, for some, scales on parts of their bodies. Most Pythians also possess pointy ears and high-pitched voices. Their body weight, however, is often below the average levels, hence why they're stereotyped as "thin and weak".

The Pythians are also an uncommon race with no concentrated populations, albeit they can still be found anywhere arround Terra. Most people's conception from the Pythians come from literary works, where they're often described as having delicate senses and nerves, which is why some people think they are easily startled.[1]

Alongside Sarkaz, Pythians are sometimes despised by the Terrans, often associated with cunning nature and lies.[2]


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Kashchey was actually one of the various hosts/avatars of the Deathless Black Snake.


They are named after the Oracle of Delphi, whose name derives from the Python in Greek mythology. The alternative name refers to the Ophidia clade where snakes belong to.

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