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The "Deathless Black Snake" is an NPC in Arknights. They are one of the antagonists of the Main Theme.


One of the many "Ageless" who are present during the various past conflicts involving several now-defunct nations, the Deathless Black Snake likely achieved their immortality through an ability where the Deathless Black Snake implants some of their consciousness into the victim's psyche, allowing them to suggest or influence others into agreeing with their ideals over time. This was evident when it's revealed that Talulah was aware of Kashchey's presence when she was possessed by him.[2]

Throughout the Arknights timeline, the Deathless Black Snake is known to have two bodies: Kashchey and Koshelna.


As Kashchey, the Deathless Black Snake is a duke of the Ursus Empire and a member of the "old guard" aristocracy.[3] He believes that conflict is the nature of Terra and the ends justify the means, using his actions to prove this notion. Claiming himself to be the personification of Ursus, he "loves" Ursus and its citizens, Infected or not, and strives to restore the empire's former glory no matter what it takes.[1] To that end, Kashchey has been commanding a personal armed force, named the "Snake Scales", to enforce his will across his dukedom and elsewhere.

The separation of Talulah and Ch'en during Kashchey's invasion

For a long time, Kashchey had a bitter struggle with Wei Yenwu and Edward Artorius. His years long control of Lungmen was deposed through the joint effort of Wei and his friends. Embittered by this, he hatched a secret conspiracy with a Unicorn to expose Edward to the current Emperor of Yan, Wei's younger twin brother. Under his order, Wei was forced to kill his best friend. Some time later, Kashchey kidnapped the young Talulah, Wei's niece and Edward's daughter, who was only nine years old by that time.[4] He threatened Wei that even if he saves Talulah, the bombs cuffed on her will annihilate half of the city. In order to save Lungmen, Wei was forced to give up Talulah, something that her half-sister Ch'en Hui-chieh could not forget.[5]

Since then, Kashchey had been raising her as his heir to be the next "Deathless Black Snake." He had her study the history of the Ursus Empire, tried to teach her his ways, and promoted her to be his agent in order to carry out the will of Ursus. Even then, Talulah frequently dismissed Kashchey's attempts to "educate" her; she continued to reaffirm her own ideas as she witnessed the state of Ursus with her own eyes, such as the suffering and persecution of the countless Infected.

A "dying" Kashchey mocking Talulah after the murder

Upon her return from a mission, Kashchey was disappointed to see Talulah sparing the life of a traitorous noble, for which he sent the Scales to finish him. Lectured for her moral qualms, she expressed disgust at his methods and ultra-nationalistic standing. To foil Kashchey's plans for her, she showed how she contracted Oripathy with an Originium ore embedded into her arm. After some time arguing their ideals, she stabbed him with her sword in anger while he is still proudly sitting on his throne. But before his last breath, Kashchey reminded her that he is "looking forward to bare the regret of her hate", mocking her efforts until the very end. Talulah promptly left his mansion before the authorities could arrive at the crime scene. Unbeknownst to her, his death passed Kashchey's consciousness onto her through his psychic Originium Arts.

News about Kashchey's death quickly spread across the empire. While the authorities had dispatched forces to hunt her down, his dukedom and assets were immediately divided by his political rivals, especially the Ursus Fourth Army.[3] Still, to Kashchey, his death was just the beginning of his insidious scheme. He has set his plan into motion since his kidnapping of Talulah, culminating in the moment Talulah committed a massacre of a village in her lapse of judgement. He took the time to plant seeds of doubt in her mind, to make her always question and doubt herself, until Talulah fell into the darkness of her conscience.[6] Ever since the tragedy, Kashchey has been manipulating Talulah and Reunion to fulfil his goal, causing the organization to go astray, being the wicked mastermind behind the Chernobog Crisis.

Kashchey's control of Talulah's body has been hinted as early as Episode 02 where Talulah addresses herself, which is in fact Kashchey speaking to Talulah within.[7][8] In Darknights Memoir, Ines also mentions that Talulah has two "shadows" inside her that make her wary of Reunion's intention.[9]


As Koshelna, the Deathless Black Snake acts as a female Hippogryph lecturer in a college at northern Ursus under the pseudonym Fiolet. She appears to be a harmless woman, but she has been quietly spreading her political ideologies to her students in the hope of influencing them with her ideals. She loves using history to teach her students, especially the history of the Ursi overthrowing the Hippogryphs, to remind them that Ursus needs wars to vitalize itself. To her, she views that Ursus needs the Black Snake to go through its next millennia.


Episode 08

The Deathless Black Snake unleashing his wrath through Talulah's flames

Kashchey openly reveals himself at the climax of the confrontation between Talulah, Amiya, and Ch'en amidst the climax of the Chernobog Crisis. Talking through Talulah, he proclaims that the Ursus Empire needs war in order to overcome the impasse it finds itself in. In his own words, the empire loves all its people equally — no matter their background, means or intentions — for their deeds pave the way to its glory. Kashchey derides Amiya and Ch'en for being fools who will never prevail and understand the bigger picture. With his deceitful yet poetic mouth, he narrates Ursus' glorious past before settling the score with them:[1]

Have you ever listened to the cavalry of Khagan galloping across the land, the sound of weapons clashing so thunderously they can level mountains and shift rivers?
Have you ever heard the shrill cries of the Kheshigs of Nightzmora as they run their scimitars across their skulls?
Have you ever experienced the ear-splitting sound of thousands of Warriors of Rus firing simultaneously, reducing the high and mighty Gauls to little more than ashes amongst the blood and mud?
You are clueless, but I don't blame you for that.
If you really wish to put your foolish thoughts into action and prevent the revival of Ursus, the reunification of the Ursus under the same banner of faith, the revitalization of the Ursus land...
Then, try and stop me. Try and stop this incarnation of Ursus.
—Kashchey's declaration

Amiya and Ch'en use Chi Xiao and Ying Xiao on Talulah and Kashchey. It didn't affect Talulah, but it manages to lessen Kashchey's control of her Arts. Not admitting defeat, Kashchey twists his words by asking the two if Talulah is really guilty or not. To demonstrate this, he puts Talulah's sword to her throat, exposing her shame and intending to commit suicide with her. But suddenly, Talulah's conscience resists Kashchey's control of her body. Angered and remorseful, she rebukes Kashchey's mockery of her comrades and states that she will not fall into his trap again. In the end, Kashchey admits defeat and congratulates their victory while they still can. But before retreating into Talulah's mind, he reminds them that "there will always be another Chernobog and another Talulah" in the future and to Talulah that he will be waiting for her "even at the ends of the earth." Talulah then falls unconscious and collapses on the ground.[2]

Kashchey's consciousness has been attempting to convince her during her incarceration in the Rhodes Island landship to return to his ideals. In return, Talulah dismissed him, vowing to kill the Deathless Black Snake someday.[10]

Episode 10

Using the letter address Talulah received ten years ago, she finds her way to a college where Koshelna, another incarnation of the Black Snake, is staying. Koshelna congratulates her for finding her and then shows her the harsh surroundings of the town that could inspire others to fight for the empire, thus staying here in the tundra instead of the warmer climate in the south. She also points out that the fall of Reunion is inevitable not because of the Snake, but because of her ill will. Talulah wants to kill her on the spot, but in the end Talulah decides to spare her for the time being, believing that the Deathless Black Snake will continue to reincarnate as long as Ursus remains unchanged.[11]


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