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Theresa is an NPC in Arknights. She first appears in Darknights Memoir and is a major character throughout the Main Theme.


Her Highness and the Regent.png

Theresa was the previous "King of Sarkaz" of Kazdel, known as a gentle, down-to-earth ruler who wished to end the never-ending cycle of nation's fragmentation and bring peace to the Sarkaz people. Once a humble tailoress from the Royal Court, she bore witness to the destruction brought by the joint alliance of Victoria, Gaul, and Leithanien during their invasion in the Terran year 898. Thereby, she and her brother Theresis were the first of the "Six Heroes" who reorganized the troops and step forward to try change the tides of war. After the death of the Sarkaz King at the time, Yideh, the "Black Crown" chose her and Theresis to become the new rulers of the Sarkaz, but the later willingly decided to resign and give the honors to his sister.[1][2]

In the following years since Kazdel's bittersweet victory, Theresa had been cooperating with Theresis and the Sarkaz Royal Court to rebuild the nation, including the capital's reconstruction into a modern Nomadic city, and teh establishment of the Kazdelian War Council, the Military Commission's predecessor; however, over time, Theresis began to lose hope in her vision of reuniting Kazdel without violence, coming to believe that the other Terran nations would only respect them through force.[3][4] Years later, in 1086, the Royal Court, along with Theresis, went to war with Theresa over their differences in ideals. The incident not only ignited another round of civil conflict, it also forced her into exile.[5]

During her exile, she founded Babel to unite those who still remained loyal to her, with Closure, Kal'tsit, and the Doctor among her loyalists. She also welcomed those of any race to join the organization, leading to discontent among some Sarkaz nationalists, setting the Rhodes Island ship as he main base of operations and palace. However, with her powers, which allowed her to tap into and manipulate the emotions of others, she was able to pacify anyone, regardless of their loyalty or hostility towards her. At this time, she acted as the caretaker for the organization's members, notably helping to raise the young Amiya. Theresa hoped to guide Amiya's growth and have her become a silver lining to Terra in the future.[5]

Three years ago, in the year 1094, Theresis launched a siege against Babel during the autumn and conducted a "decapitation operation." It was around the time of this operation that the Doctor apparently murdered Theresa for unknown reasons and by means not yet known or mentioned.[6] However, at some unknown time before her death, Theresa had transferred her Sarkaz King Arts to little Amiya.


A Walk in the Dust

In the year 1084, Kal'tsit, while participating in a party in Count Vincent's manor in Victoria, receives a letter from Theresa informing her about the reconstruction of Kazdel. In the letter, she expressed her thanks to the then-General Theresis and the Military Commission for keeping foreign powers from interfering with the construction of a Kazdelian nomadic city. She also expresses worry that Theresis' mind was becoming more extreme as each day passed due to foreign pressure. He was becoming more stubborn and refusing to listen to her advice. She wrote that she hoped Kal'tsit could return to Kazdel as soon as possible.

In the letter, Theresa also mentions two additional incidents. The first is the anointment of the next Banshee Lord in which she's surprised to see that the new lord would be a young man, one who would later become Logos. She saw potential inside him that could bring changes to the conservative Royal Court. The other is the joint excavation of the Rhodes Island landship in Rim Billiton. She requests Kal'tsit to take a look at the relic upon her return.[7]


During the civil war, Theresa has a meeting with the Royal Court and receives some intel. She's disappointed by the fact that the Court has not taken to her idealistic (and uncharacteristic for Sarkaz) pacifism, especially when the King of the Nachzehrers frequently objected her proposal. After discussing what happened with the Court to Kal'tsit, and a bit with Doctor, Theresa decides to it's best for Babel to leave Kazdel for awhile.

Somewhere afterwards, a traitorous Sarkaz named Marco attempts to assassinate the Doctor, but is arrested by Scout before he can carry it out. Theresa and Kal'tsit come for a look to find a rather confused Marco. Scout and Kal'tsit insist that death is the only punishment for his betrayal. Theresa asks what the Doctor thinks, and even though they protest, she ultimately agrees with Kal'tist; death will be Marco's punishment. Marco later commits suicide, so as not to be an embarrassment to Her Majesty.[8]

In another flashback of the Doctor's past, Theresa is shown to be a workaholic who hasn't rested for days before giving in to Kal'tsit and a little bit of the Doctor's insistence. She also has a chat with the young Amiya about Ascalon leading her army to leave the landship. After sending Amiya off, she talks about Ascalon's mission, saying hopefully that the end of the war draws near.[9]

Darknights Memoir

The Sarkaz King standing in the middle of a battlefield

Theresa, despite Kal'tsit's opposition, is responsible for saving her contracted mercenaries, Hoederer, Ines, and W, from the ambush by Theresis' forces during the escort of the Rhodes Island landship.[10] Her appearance causes the mercenaries to tremble and stop their fight out of respect for the King. After the rescue mission, she brings the trio to the landship for medical treatment. After the trio's recovery a few days later, Theresa meets with Hoederer who was talking with Kal'tsit about their future. He's surprised to learn that the King would be Babel's commander, but she tells him there's no need to be formal since they're no longer in Kazdel.[11]

Theresa's motherly side influences the three mercenaries. Even though Hoederer and Ines decide to leave Babel after years of serving, they continue their cooperation with Babel out of their loyalty to the King. W is so impressed by Theresa's pure, kind heart that she continues to serve Babel until its tragic fall.

Episode 10

Once on the opposing sides, Theresa now stood beside Theresis following her resurrection
Theresa standing before her brother Theresis and the leaders of the Sarkaz tribes
An unthinkable sight that shocks Amiya to the core... Theresa looks at the Cautus, seemingly recognizing her


The Mother of the Sarkaz, waiting to be brought back to life.

Theresa's death made a large impact on various factions. As Babel's successor, Rhodes Island sees Theresa as an important figure and remembers her through one of her quotes about determination.[12] Despite this, many senior members choose not to talk about her or her legacy, wanting to leave the past behind.[13] To the Sarkaz, especially to Patriot, the loss of a kind, merciful King makes them a race without a true leader; they are unaware that Amiya, a simple Cautus girl, is actually her genuine successor (Patriot does come to realize this later.)[14] As for Theresis' side, he retrieved her corpse and seemingly preserved it. Theresis seems to believe that Theresa is able to retrieve her "Crown" (Sarkaz King Arts) from Amiya, revealing that Theresa has somehow been revived,[15] despite his belief that this resurrection was disrespectful to his sister.