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Louis Kelly is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Episode 09.


Louis is the captain of the Victorian Royal Army, but he remains faithful to the people of Tara, the place where County Hillock is located. However, he also wants to be loyal to the army he serves. Even though the Tarans have been facing discrimination by the local troops, all he could do is to turn a blind eye onto them.

Louis has an unnamed son who died of Oripathy months ago.[1] His niece, Saoirse Kelly, works in the local newspaper outlet who constantly prints Taran secret code until her betrayal of the Tarans and her ultimate execution.


Episode 09

Louis encounters the 2nd Tempest Platoon of Londinium led by Bagpipe and Horn who have arrested Damian Barry, Louis' nephew, for stealing the illegal Originium products in the local warehouses. He requests the duo to hand Barry to him as part of the county's law. In turn, Horn requests to participate in the interrogation, and Louis quickly agrees.[2]

However, days later, the two girls receive a bad news—Damian was executed for trying to snatch the soldier's weapon. The false accusation causes the girl to suspect the local soldiers' motivation. In truth, Louis was ordered by Colonel Hamilton to execute him as part of the colonel's plan to conduct genocide onto the Tarans, and Louis could only obey his order.[3]

Later on, Louis meets Damian's parents and apologizes for his action. He also mentions that he had to execute him since Damian was involved with the "spectre force." He also laments that he has no face to return her. Just as he is about to leave, Craig the street boy shouts that Louis is a traitor. Louis could only accept the boy's words and quickly leaves the street.[4]

Louis is later arrested for hiding an Infected in his house even though his son was already dead and he had already reported it. The truth is Louis is falsely arrested for having connections with the Tarans. Before he is taken away by the soldiers, he gives the local chef MacMartin the evidence about the troops' intention to create illegal Originium weapons, and orders him to hand it to Bagpipe.[5]