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Huai Tianpei/Waai Tin-pui is an NPC in Arknights who is first mentioned in Waai Fu's files and Invitation to Wine before appearing as a background character in her Operator Record, and finally making a full apperance as a supporting character in Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow.


Huai Tianpei is both a kung fu master and Waai Fu's father. According to Waai, he is extremely strict in teaching her kung fu who started teaching her the skill at the age of five after the young girl chose the Hung Mei Wing Chun (红眉咏春) school. Even after young Waai has flipped through the ancient record and learnt the 327 techniques, he still ordered her to learn again. Nevertheless, Waai slowly got the essence of the book and meditate on it, and this also pleased the old man who gradually stopped disciplining her.[2]

With 40 years of experience in martial arts, Tianpei is also known for his extreme craze for kung fu who yearns to become the strongest in the martial art world. According to himself, he has been seeking so many masters that he was eventually rejected by others after learning all the skills.[3] In order to seek such title, he suddenly disappeared without informing his close friend, Mr. Lee and Liang Xun, while embarking a solo journey across Yan.[4] But before his departure, Tianpei challenged Waai that she must find him by herself or else he will sever his tie with her. Tianpei's departure leaves an unforgettable memory in Waai's life.[5]

Three years ago (the year 1099), Tianpei reached Yumen to seek challenge from Chongyue the grandmaster. Even though he was constantly defeated, his persistent spirit surprised him. Chongyue then made a promise that they will hold another match again after Tianpei gets much stronger, with the deadline as short as three to five year and as long as a decade.[6] Since then, Tianpei continues his mastery in kung fu while working as a clinic helper in Yumen who brought him in out of pity. Tianpei's news eventually reached Liang, prompting him to search for him.


Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow