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Who knew that I, who took the name by happenstance, would one day witness the legend with my own eyes?
—Ulšulah to Ines

Ulšulah is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character Act II of the Main Theme, and makes a cameo appearance in the Babel event.


Ulšulah is the youngest officer in service of the Military Commission of Kazdel, serving as the commander in charge of the Sarkaz forces guarding the remains of the Feranmut known as the "Lifebone", which was defeated by the Sanguinarch centuries ago, and its consciousness was divided into various fragments. In fact, Ulšulah's pocket watch possesses one such fragment, which she can use to control its skeleton.

Once a impoverished girl from the Kazdel slums, she eventually got promoted by Theresa and Theresis, giving her a chance to stand with the Royal Court. Inspired by their achievements, Ulšulah proudly believes that the Military Commission will lay the foundation for Kazdel to become a nation, a true paradise for all Sarkaz.[1] On top of that, she shares her name with the "Time Stealer", a Sarkaz hero from a certain Kazdelian legend, who used the powers of the Lifebone to travel through various points of the past to save his lost comrades trapped between time and space.[2]

Ulšulah also works as the next appointed boss of the infamous Scar Market, and is acquaintance of both Ines and Hoederer, whom she had a bit of history with them during their mercenary days. According to Ines' claims, Ulšulah was said to be a teetotaller back then, despite being often seen with a can of Captain Morgan's Wine, which suggests that she changed her habits over time.



This section pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Episode 13

By the end of the Episode 13, she was taken as captive by Rhodes Island after the Sanguinarch's ritual has been foiled by a combined effort of the Exemplars and R.I.