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Here lies our dear friend, Miarow.
He was Infected. He was a Doctor.
He was a good man.

Miarow is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character of Operation Originium Dust.


Miarow was a simple, ordinary doctor who opened a small clinic in Long Spring's Infected quarter. He had a big dream to go to Tkaronto, Columbia, and study there to become a real doctor. Despite his worsening body condition in which he would die before fulfilling it, Miarow held onto that dream everyday optimistically.[1] Because of his honesty and treatment, Miarow was viewed as the most respected people in the quarter.

As an Infected, Miarow also possessed the Arts to make any Originium product explode. Others had been asking him why he would not become a soldier despite the talent. The answer he gave was that a true doctor should be saving lives, even if it means to sacrifice himself.[2]


Operation Originium Dust

After wandering around the desert for more than half a month, Team Raindow was rescued by Miarow. He allowed them to stay inside his clinic and also taught them the Terran languages. As the tension inside the Infected quarter gradually increased, Miarow told them not to go outside to avoid the guards' inspection. However, after Ash found out that the guards were in fact paid mercenaries, they had no choice but to meddle into the locals' affair, protect the civilians and shelter them inside Watchtower 33. As a doctor, Miarow was responsible for treating their injuries caused by the riot.[3]

When the Tulla's soldiers surrounded the safehouse, Miarow testified that the Rhodes Island operators and Team Rainbow did no harm to the locals. Picale trusted him but still ordered them to leave Long Spring due to their offense to their tradition. Before heading towards the Tulla's manor together with the guards, Rangers gave him an Originium ingot as a remuneration for treating Occhen's broken leg. He also bade goodbye to Team Rainbow.[4]

Inside the Lord's manor, Picale and Miarow faced both the Originutants and an abush set by her evil brother Drudge. The two of them were heavily injured. As for Miarow, he was on the brink of death. Before he was about to be dragged away to the mad scientist, Rhodes Island and Team Rainbow made a surprise attack and quickly rescued him. However, Drudge's super-sonic weapon paralyzed the rescue team. With his last breath, Miarow rushed towards the device, used the Originium ingort to boost his Art and caused a huge explosion onto it.[2]

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust (literally)

Miarow did not survive the explosion as his injury was beyond treatment. However, the worst part happened when his corpse was suddenly glowing and was about to burst into Originium shards. Had not Rhodes Island quickly placed him inside a concealed room, the whole manor would be consumed by Originium. Thus, a young, ambitious Perro boy died in vain and his body has returned to dust.[5]


Miarow's death has an everlasting impact on Team Rainbow. Through him, they, as an alien to Terra, learned about the ultimate fate of an Infected. They were totally hopeless while seeing his corpse suddenly turning into Originium dust. Especially to Tachanka, he could not accept their close friend dying in front of him. Even then, he had to accept it as he also witness more death by Oripathy than the rest of Team Rainbow.

For the Infected locals of Long Spring, all they could do was to perform a simple funeral for him. Before their departure, the elder chanted out a condolence message for him:

...He went home, and left the world behind.
Our hearts ache because fate is ever unjust.
But we need not grieve. Because he is now free from the suffering of existence.
We sing for him, as he has at last returned to the earth.
His relatives, his loved ones, need not shed tears.
Death is a mercy of our world. And we are the heirs to all things.
...May it all turn to dust.
...May it all return to the wild.
...To which we too will one day return.

Even for Picale, she could not express herself for the tragedy happened on him. Feeling that she was unworthy of her farther's eyes, she used her Arts and encarved a gold seal on his grave so that future generations may not forget him.

The only thing left behind by a simple man

Later, Ash and Tachanka received a box from Franka which was found inside Miarow's clinic. It contained Columbian gold certificates, an old map of Tkaronto, Columbia, and a travel guide. In a note, Miarow left his final message there:

If you're reading this note, thank you for helping me deal with this stuff.
Give the money to someone. I definitely don't need it anymore.
Don't lose the box. It was my mother's.
Although I don't know who you are, my friend,
I still hope your life turns out okay.
—Miarow's will

Upon finishing reading his final words, the trio became more destressed. To Tachanka, Miarow should not have died in such a terrible conflict.[1]