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Yvangelista XI is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major character in Guide Ahead and Hortus de Escapismo, and plays a supporting role in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Yvangelista XI, whose full title is "Guardian, Supervisor, and Practitioner of the Supreme Law, His Holiness, Yvangelista XI" (Custos, Supervisorem et Medicum Summae Legis, Sanctitas Sua, Yvangelista XI), is the current Pope of Laterano and the spiritual head of the Lateran Church, following his election in 1063.[1] The first half of his name makes reference to his obligations and duties as a religious leader, practicing, interpreting, and governing Laterano in the name of the Law. The second half, however, is inherited from one of the "First Saints", which represents sacrifice and unity of the Sankta.[2]

A firm, wise, and often open-minded man, Yvangelista believes on the equal treatment of all Laterans alike, and he is even tolerable with fallen Sankta such as Mostima. He is also the mentor of many priests through his wisdom, one of which being Agenir who later collaborated with Signora Sicilia to bring law and order onto Siracusa.[3] On the other hand, he thinks that nothing can change Laterano as how it is, given that all Sankta are "physically bond" to the Law, and therefore any change is impossible. Although he's comprehensive with those opposing such idea, like Andoain and the Pathfinders.[4] Before becoming the Pope, Yvangelista previously worked as a Messenger of the Lateran Curia's Seventh Tribunal, and even witnessed the fall of the Gaulish Empire following the Battle of the Four Emperors in 1031.[5] Under his point of view, the disbandment of what once was Terra's greatest empire represents the "fall" of civilization.[6]

Pope Yvangelista has a hilarious side. He loves all known desserts, and he especially loves cactus tarts, much to Velliv's disapproval,[7] although it is said that hazelnut lollipops are supposedly the ones occupying such spot.[8] He also once took part in an arm wrestling competition held by the Basilica where he won the championship.[9]


Guide Ahead

Hortus de Escapismo

Zwillingstürme im Herbst

Following the 23rd Kaiserinenfest, Pope Yvangelista uses Executor's companion drone as a communication device to talk with Empress Lieselotte in regards of Arturia's arrest.[10]

Virtuosa: Himmelszelt und Federwolke

After Arturia's transfer to Rhodes Island, he visited her in her quarters there, much to her surprise and bewilderment. He secretly canonized her as another "Saint" aside from her cousin, a move that completely baffles her. The Pope later said he's doing this because he believes the end of the world is approaching and he'll even goes as far as to fake her name if necessary.[11]