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Operator Tokens are a token in Arknights.


Used to improve the Potential of {name}.
—Description of Operator Tokens

A single Operator Token can be used to raise the respective Operator's Potential by one level. When the Operator's Potential is maxed out, their Operator Tokens can be traded for Commendation Certificate.png Commendation Certificate or Distinction Certificate.png Distinction Certificate at the Certificates Store.

Operators obtained from Kernel headhunting banners give out Kernel Operator Tokens instead, which is similar but are traded for Universal Certificate.png Universal Certificate instead.

Do note that Amiya, Savage, and 3★ or below Operators can only use their respective Operator Tokens to improve their Potential.


Operator Tokens are given when obtaining duplicates of the corresponding Operator from headhunting and recruitment, with welfare Operators have their Operator Tokens available in the event they are featured in either from the event's store or milestone.