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Domma, later known as Lotus, is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Mansfield Break.


Domma was a Sarkaz orphan who was adopted by a deceased morgue doctor when the Mansfield State Prison docked at a city. Since her time as a baby, she spent her childhood inside the prison clinic and never explored the outside world. To her, hatred and violence were all she learned until she befriended Anthony. This was the time when she discovered that there are kind people in the outside world. Since then, she believed that Anthony deserved to leave the prison. She also became Anthony's most trusted and only friend.[1]


Mansfield Break

Domma first appeared in the story when Robin brought an injured A-zone prisoner to her clinic after the fight in the factory. That was the first time Robin met the young Sarkaz doctor.[2] When Robin passed out during the brawl in Anthony's cell, Domma treated Robin's injuries and discovered her identity as Anthony's assassin after finding a weapon on her. Despite that, Anthony not only forgave Robin, but also invited her to take part in the jailbreak. He welcomed her to visit Domma's clinic where the gang met together.[3] After the deep struggle inside her and also Jesselton's request to be their spy, Robin accepted his request.[4]

During their days of preparation, Robin learned of Domma's past. Domma decided to stay back after helping the gang. However, Robin believed that Domma deserved to leave the prison and experience life outside. Upon hearing that, Domma took a deep consideration on her words.[1]

On the day of the escape, Domma was kidnapped by the prisoners hired by Jesselton. Anthony and the gang rushed toward the morgue to save her, but Jesselton threatened that she would be killed if Anthony moved any further. When Jesselton ordered Robin to kill Anthony, Domma tried to commit suicide but was stopped by the prisoner restraining her. At the decisive moment, Robin decided to side with Anthony, and rescued Domma with Kafka's help.[5] Upon Jesselton's defeat by Saria, Anthony, Robin, and Kafka quickly ran away, taking Domma with them.

After their escape, the prison break gang, along with Domma, joined Rhodes Island under Silence's arrangement. It was here where Domma accepted her new codename of "Lotus".[6]