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You have an ear for Yan speech. You inherited much from your father. Alas, now you are but an Infected. Your path is rough. And short.
—Jie Zhen to Blaze

Jie Zhen is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Episode 06 and one of the main characters in Leizi's Operator Record.


Nothing is known about Jie Zhen other than him being a Monitor Censor of Yan's Department of Discipline and Supervision and a superior for Leizi. He looks down on the Infected[1] and appears to be related in some way to Blaze's father.[2]


Episode 06

Jie Zhen accompanies Leizi and Taihe visiting the nomadic city of Lungmen for a routine inspection, which coincides with the joint Lungmen Guard Department-Rhodes Island operation to clear the city from the Reunion presence after their attack were thwarted. Along with the other two Censors, Jie Zhen aids the L.G.D. in fighting Reunion forces throughout the slums.[3]

After the operation's conclusion, the Censors meet Wei Yenwu where Jie Zhen recognizes Amiya as part of R.I. and warns her that Lungmen is a bad place for the Infected as it "devours people" before asking Leizi whether she knows the Cautus.[1]

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