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Stefano Torregrossa is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Hortus de Escapismo.


Born in Pagus Griffin, Laterano, Stefano Torregrossa is a Sankta who acts as the abbot of the Sanctilaminium Ambrosii. He studied in the Universitas Michaelionis where he graduated with a dual degree on International relations and classical philology, and later worked in the Seventh Tribunal for three years, before being transferred to the abbey to work as a cleric in 1011, following the project's completion. Despite his old age, Stefano is skilled in the use of firearms, as well as in arm-wrestling, syrup preparation, and candy molding.[1]

After the Profund Silence devasted Iberia and the previous bishop died of illness, most of the clergy already left the abbey and returned to their homeland, yet Stefano decided to stay behind and assume the position of bishop. He rejected the Inquisition's request to use the abbey as a coastal fortress, and took it away from the Iberian lands, being the first important decision he made in his life since becoming the Ambrosii's abbot.[1][2][3] The attempt was successful but the abbey was left stranded in a wasteland. A decade ago, in the Terran year 1089, Stefano recieved a Sarkaz mercenary team led by Gerald, then known as Holst Tyfindale, who were wandering the barrenlands without supplies. Despite their initial objection, the abbey's residents accepted them eventually, forging a tight bond. Although Stefano knew that what he did was an offense to Laterano's laws, he certainly provided his charity against all odds.[4]

A month prior to the Eventum Santilaminii Ambrosii, Stefano managed to regain contact with Laterano after sending a distress sihgnal due to how the abbey was running out of supplies. In response to the three Messengers sent by the abbey, the Lateran Curia dispatches Cardinal Aide Lemuen and Legatus Oren Argiolas to help retrieve the abbey back to the Holy City. However, after being alerted by the Sarkaz refugees, Stefano had to put the envoys under custody.[5] At the same time, he has been hiding two particular guests from the envoys: The infamous wanted criminal Arturia Giallo, who claimed to visit the abbey simply to play music for the residents, unaware of what her Emotional amplification Arts would do to them, and Bishop Aulus of the heretical Church of the Deep, who also happened to be a former student of the abbey.


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