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Nowell is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor character in Episode 13.


While appearing as an ordinary Feline, Nowell is actually an Ageless with no special ability other than just his longevity, which he thinks it probably has been cursed upon him by the "Hand of Fate". He also owns a small store, and claims that his combat skills are not enough to even fight with Guard.[1]

Despite his status as an Ageless, Nowell considers himself as an average man with no talent. He claims having a family 150 years ago, which had to cut ties with after becoming a stranger to them, as he saw his sons growing up and forming their own families. On top of that, his wife would die in a car accident, and he had to flee and leave his sons behind when a war broke up.[2] For hundreds of years, Nowell has been studying about the Ageless in order to better comprehend his own nature. At the same time, he tried to sharpen his Originium Arts, become a beneficiary of the noble system, and even tried to accumulate wealth in exchange of secrets.[1]

Nowell is noted for his dispirited attitude and depressive thoughts, as he considers his longevity as a curse that he will never break free.[2] He doesn't seem to have any kind of ill intentions, nor he wants to take actions against Reunion. In fact, his current goal is to search for the "Hands of Fate" who manipulated his destiny and are supposedly hiding in Victoria, and believes someone's controlling the empire from behind the scenes, like if it was a chessboard.[1]


Episode 13