Duke of Gododdin

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The Duke of Gododdin is an NPC in Arknights. He is implicitly mentioned in A Light Spark in Darkness and Guide Ahead, and is a supporting character in Act II of the Main Theme


Sean Gododdin, the current Duke of Gododdin, is one of the Victorian Grand Dukes who is being heavily involved in the Londinium crisis against the Military Commission of Kazdel. In late 1097, he sent at least two high-speed battleships to Londinium in response to Theresis' takeover after Londinium's coup.[1] As retaliation, the Sarkaz had assassinated his viscount, so Gododdin remained silent against in his activities.[2] Although being the young duke from House Gododdin, his life is by no means free of controversies, with rumors saying that he gets obsessed with romance, and not even possessing the family's charasterisctic wisdom and astuteness. On top of that, he considers himself too lazy to worry about many things, including the matters of other dukes.[3]

Gododdin has Oren Argiolas the Lateran Legatus on his side as his intel, and the two of them are getting alone fine.[4]


Episode 13

Guide Ahead

Because of the reconstruction efforts following the devastating war of the Londinium Crisis, the Duke of Gododdin couldn't send any envoys for the Lateran Summit of Nations in 1099.[4] He dispatched Oren as his representative to the Summit, and he is interested in Laterano and wants Oren to ask the Pope that what suffices him to be interested in it.