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The Duke of Wellington is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Act II of the Main Theme, including What the Firelight Casts.


The Duke of Wellington is one of Victoria's most influential Grand Dukes whose consistent political resolve and precise execution of his power earn him the title the "Iron Duke." He is a seasoned veteran who consolidated his political power following the Battle of the Four Emperors, even rivaling or surpassing other famous monarchs at the time such as Kaiser Herkunftshorn, the Witch King of Leithanien, Tsar Ivan Yevgenich of Ursus, and even Emperor Corsica I of Gaul. After the war, the other Grand Dukes were so feared of him that they restricted his power for over sixty years.[1] He is also the leading Grand Duke for the siege of Londinium against the Military Commission of Kazdel. As long as Wellington does not make any order, no Grand Duke must mobilize their forces, hence escalating the situation.[2]

Due to his Taran lineage, Wellington became a pro-Draco monarchist and an ardent supporter of Dublinn.[3] He is notable for being its sponsor and often appears beside Eblana, the "Leader" of Dublinn. His collaboration with the Dublinns not only reveals his true color, but also his weariness over Victoria's disputes over the vacant throne.


Episode 11

Towards the end of the story, the Duke of Wellington appears beside Eblana. Some Victorian soldiers have been requesting him to meet the envoys of other dukes and ready for the siege, but he remains silent while watching the rising of the Kazdelian airship fleet. When asking Eblana her opinion about the Millitary Commission's plan, she responds that it signifies a new era for the Tarans.[4]

What the Firelight Casts