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Fremont is an NPC in Arknights. He is mentioned as the Lich King in the Shatter of a Vision story arc of the Main Theme and narrated Leithanien: Originium Arts A1.1 before appearing in person as a major supporting character in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


While appearing as a cranky elderly Sarkaz, Fremont is actually the current lord of the Liches' Temple of Knowledge. For over 500 years, he led the tribe to stay in Leithanien to teach its inhabitants about Originium Arts, where they developed a unique sound-based Arts known in the region. He later became a Professor in the famous Ludwigs-Universität known for his temper towards the students.[1] He is also the one who "adopted" Lessing and took him under his wing. Fremont is noted to have disdain in political affairs noting that the Liches have stayed neutral in pursuit of knowledge and they will depart from the regions they stayed if they're getting involved in it.

Fremont usually prefers to not interfere in Kazdel's afairs. As a matter of fact, during the Victorian Crisis, Theresis sent an invitation to other Sarkaz tribe in the Royal Court, including the Liches, which Fremont responded by sending Ermengarde as his messenger to Theresis.[2] Ironically, Fremont took part of the Six Heroes' counterattack against the allied forces during the disastrous crusade of 898.[3]


Zwillingstürme im Herbst

A Kazdelian Rescue

Fremont appears during the preparation for the ritual to appease the Revenants in the Soul Furnace. The preparation was halted when a cannon on the Kazdel Military Commission's airship guarded by Manfred malfunctioned and fires off randomly, causing an explosion that damaged Nymph's house roof. Wiš'adel later met him and inquired him over the incident which he assumes there's something wrong with the Revenants.