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The Liches (singular: Lich) are a "subrace"/tribe of the Sarkaz.


Named after the undead creature in various fictional works, Liches possess similar appearances to the Banshees, except having a serpentine tail and some of them being hornless. What sets them apart is their two unique traits: unimaginable space manipulation Arts and their apparent immortality. They store their souls inside a special phylactery called "The beginning and end of all threads" which is kept inside a void,[1] hence killing them is nearly impossible as long as their threads are not destroyed, and their bodies will immediately turn into strings. Their mastery in space manipulation Arts allows them to perform teleportation around and control those spaces via their magical strings. Additionally, they even master an Arts called "Exile" which can literally erase one's existence immediately.[2] They attempted to study the "Void" for generations but their efforts were in vain before the Witch King managed to do it.[3]

As one of the "Ten Kings", the Liches represent the Temple of Knowledge of the Sarkaz Royal Court, yet they consider themselves as "exiles" among other Sarkaz as they are away from Kazdel, their homeland.[4][5] They highly venerate knowledge of various civilizations and seek to preserve all them in their libraries and scrolls, willing to share their knowledge to those of their choosing whenerver Kazdel needs them.[6] They even regard sharing knowledge to non-Sarkaz as equal and fair at the premise of one strict rule: do not interfere in the political affairs of other countries.[7] As a matter of fact, the Lich court holds a neutral and non-aggressive approach to the Sarkaz' cause during the Victorian Crisis despite their sympathy. Nevertheless, the Liches have been quietly involved in the national affair of Leithanien since its foundation starting from the drafting of the Güldenesgesatz, yet they hid themselves perfectly while quietly teaching the knowledge of Arts to the Leithanians. But since the rule of the Witch King, they were forced to stay back to clean up the messes, and it was only after the Stimmverlust of the Empress Hildegard in the year 1100 that they were allowed to bid farewell to Leithanien and return to Kazdel.[8]

Because of their special role as keepers of Arts and knowledge and their neutrality in worldly affairs, there are many stereotypes regarding the Liches. One of them is depicting them as cunning old wizards with white beard wearing dark robes and carrying skull staves.[3]


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