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The Anura (both singular and plural) are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Anura have the traits of frogs, but similar to the Aegirs, they are entirely humanoid, making their frog traits, i.e. patches of frog-like skin, barely noticeable. Some might also have the ability to secrete poison. However, whether there will be Anura with more obvious traits (i.e., anthropomorphic frog or having sticky, wet skin) is still debatable.

Anura originate from the lush rainforest of Kerthun Valley, Sargon, where they live independently from the control of the Lords Ameer. Another notable Anura population currently resides in Iberia who were enslaved by the Iberians to be sold to as experimental subjects against the Seaborn over a hundred years ago, including Blue Poison's ancestors. Nowadays since the Profound Silence, the Iberian Anura live as outcasts who have mostly forgotten their ancestral homeland that is only recalled through folklores.[1]



Their name refers to the order taxon of frogs, which literally means "without tail" in Ancient Greek.[2]

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