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The Lung (both singular and plural) is an Elder race in the world of Arknights.


Ch'en, the most prominent Lung

Lung have the traits of Chinese/Eastern dragons in our world's mythology, which can be seen from the shape of their horns, tails, and dragon whiskers. Some Lung also possess fins and scales of a fish.

Most Lung are of Yanese descent and they predominantly belong to the upper class (e.g. royal houses, aristocrats, tycoons).


Ch'en icon.png
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Fumizuki icon.png
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Fumizuki, Lee, and Wei Yenwu are the only known bestial Lungs.
  • Emperors of Yan, titled True Lung, are of the Lung race; the current one of which is Wei Yenwu's younger brother.


Their name is the Wade-Giles romanization of the Chinese word for "dragon," lung2 (Simplified: 龙; Traditional: 龍).[1] In Pinyin, it is rendered as lóng.

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