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Thunderstone is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in A1 Operations Preparation Detachment.


An herculean Infected gangster, Thunderstone is Elba's adoptive father and the leader of the Red Hand gang, which controls and keeps public order in the Infected District of Tkaronto, dealing with all the problems within their turf since neither the authorities have sway over it. Though a tough person with a remarkable physical prowess, he's also a man of his word who admires Fang's determination, and keeps his friends and associates close. He adopted Elba after she was secretly banished from the orphanage after becoming Infected, and has been raising her ever since, even treating her as a member of the gang.[1][2] Ten years ago, after Elba destroyed Andrew's Originium chunk in the refinery, he would save her and Andrew from the ruins of the refinery.[3]


A1 Operations Preparation Detachment

After the ruckus involving Fang, Elba, and a brawl that was being held in the Infected District broke up, Thunderstone and Damien showed up, which caused the thugs to run away due to his presence. Fang and her friends introduce themselves as mere police trainees, with Thunderstone showing to be a much friendlier man despite his appearance. He tells Fang about what the Red Hand gang has been doing to the district, as well as how Elba actually his adoptive daughter. Later on, after Elba uncovered how Mama John's was providing fake Oripathy medications to the residents through their representative Splitears, Thunderstone felt devastated and decided to finally cut the contract with the company. On top of that, a Catastrophe was approaching the nomadic city, and he decided to listen to Elba's words and start evacuating the residents to the shelters.[4]

However, a big amount of debris started to fall upon Fang and the others, and Thunderstone's infection started to worsen, with more and more Originium crystals starting to grow all over his body. So in an act of heroism, he let Fang, Elba, and the rest escape by staying behind and lifting the debris over him. With a last goodbye to Elba, he finally succumbed to his infection, knowing that he ensured her safety before turning into Originium dust.[5]

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