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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Reynell Kowalski is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the supporting characters in Operation Lucent Arrowhead.


Reynell is a prestigious art dealer from Kazimierz. He's the original owner of the Galería Krysztauowa art museum located in "The Community", a shabby district in Dossoles, which he also owns its urban development rights. Although he claims to speak in behalf of the local art scene, many of the Community's denizens, most of them being street artists and Infected individuals, have expressed their disagreement due to his aggresive and selfish actions.[1] On top of that, Reynell has disputes with a Coalition Goverment's ambassador, Captain Matteo, who seeks to gain foothold in the city by taking over the Community.[2]

However, Reynell also had a complicated childhood marked by the constant mistreatment from his father, Stefan Kowalksi, who was Kazimierz' most renowned art dealer at the time. Stefan was infamous for his arrogance and constant abuse towards the artists he commissioned, be it verbally or financially, just to create artworks according to his own demmands. A notable victim of his actions was his wife, Alicia, who didn't wanted to leave Reynell behind, even if that implied having to bear the pain she suffered. At one point, Alicia destroyed one of Stefan's sculptures to show resistance, but it was nevertheless sold at the auction house for a big sum of money a week later, because the bidders thought it held a deep philosophical meaning.[3] These traumas severely affected Reynell's psyche, growing his hatred towards art to a certain degree. His ultimate goal in Dossoles is to blow up Galería Krysztauowa with all of the auctioned artowrks inside, as a way to mock the investors and teach them about the true value of art by any means neccesary.


Operation Lucent Arrowhead


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