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Garcia is an NPC in Arknights. They are a supporting character in Stultifera Navis.


Before becoming a Seaborn, Garcia was one of the Iberian Navy's seamen and the chief mate of the Stultifera Navis. They were also romantically involved with its Captain, Alfonso.

After the Stultifera Navis was cut off from the outside world amidst the Silence, Garcia, along with the rest of her crew, resorted to hunting down and eating the Seaborn infesting the dreadnought to survive. As a result, Garcia slowly transformed into a Seaborn themself, eventually ending up in their current state: a bipedal reptilian-like Seaborn with tentacles jutting out from their head like hair. The transformation also rendered any remaining physical traits of Garcia's gender and race impossible to determine.

By the time of Arknights, Garcia was on the verge of succumbing to the Seaborn's collective consciousness, but managed to maintain their humanity through willpower alone. However, they kept this fact from Alphonso, as it was easier to treat themself as a monster than acknowledge their remaining humanity.[1] They resorted to communicating through gestures and sign, as well as writing notes. Alfonso also reciprocated their feelings toward him by dressing them in an elaborate dress (that resembled a wedding gown) and accessories including a crown.


Stultifera Navis

During the final battle with the Seaborn, Garcia was thrown overboard and presumed dead. However, they had actually been biding their time for the Stultifera to sink. Knowing that their lover Alphonso had died with the ship, Garcia bit into the Seaborn in a final attempt to kill it. Ulpianus helped them finish the job and then killed Garcia in an act of mercy, allowing them to die as a human.