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Thiago is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character and minor antagonist in Stultifera Navis.


Thiago is the elderly mayor of Gran Faro, and Jordi's adoptive father. He once married an Aegir woman named Marin, unaware that she was actually a Church of the Deep bishop leading the cult's activities in Gran Faro. When the Inquisition took notice of their activities, arround 130 Aegirs were arrested and executed. Only half of them had actual ties with the Church, and Marin was one of them.[1][2]

Despite Marin's role being unbeknownst to Thiago, her execution deeply devasted him to the point of mistrusting the Inquisition for their practices. He even warns Jordi about staying away from any inquisitor on sight. He also held a lifelong grudge against the other Liberi of Gran Faro for looking the other way when countless Aegir were imprisoned and killed by the Inquisition.


Stultifera Navis

Thiago sent Jordi away when Sea Terrors began attacking Gran Faro. He later allied with the Inquisitors and Kal'tsit by acting as a double agent, pretending to sympathize with the Church of the Deep in order to lure them out into the open; Mon3tr then slaughtered them. He was killed when a Sea Terror attacked him during the scuffle. However, he still refused to forgive the Inquisition for Marin's execution, cursing them to his last breath.


  1. See SN-ST-1. Note that he has mixed up his age with the year the Profound Silence occurred.