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The Silverlance Pegasi (sing. Silverlance Pegasus) are an organization in Arknights. They are first mentioned in varies events such as Episode 07 and Ceobe's Fungimist before acting as supporting characters in Near Light.


The Silverlance Pegasi are an enigmatic campaign knightclub of extraordinarily powerful Pegasian knights who serve the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi. Long ago, they once protected Kazimerz from numerous foreign invasions. Since the rise of the nouveau riche, they somehow vanished into history and were seemingly forgotten by Kazimierz. Patriot mentioned that they were "utterly defeated" by Ursus,[1] but some believe that they still exist and might return one day.[2] In reality, they have been actively guarding the borders of Kazimierz, but are forbidden by the National Council to step into Kawalerielki outside of emergency situations.[3]

The Silverlances have great respect for the Nearl family thanks to the decisive victory of the "Daybreak over the Golden Prairie" in the year 1072. During the battle, Kirill Nearl, the war hero, led seven of his men and bravely rescued thirty Silverlance Pegasi from Ursus armies despite being gravely outnumbered. Even though only Kirill himself and Ioleta Russell managed to survive out of the eight heroes, the rescued knights increased to forty-one and easily defeated the invaders, causing Ursus to suffer severe loss. Out of honor, the Silverlances engraved the motto of the Nearls, "Fear neither hardship nor darkness," onto their shields and weapons, and they carry on such legacy into the present.[4][5]

The strength of the Silverlances is unimaginable as they are able to defeat multiple enemies despite being outnumbered.[5] At the same time, they despise competitive knights for being mere entertainers.[6]


Maria Nearl

The Armorless Union was informed that the Silverlances were secretly entering Kawalerielki, presumably as part of the Adeptus' plan to struggle with the General Chamber of Commerce. With that said, the two Lazurites Roy and Monique were dispatched to handle them while Centaurea continued to keep an eye on the Radiant Knight.[7]

Near Light

The armor of the Silverlances glittering in total darkness

The Silverlances entered the city during the total blackout caused by the second Kawalerielki Separation. Their presence attracted the citizens out of curiosity, but at the same time, they posed a threat to the K.G.C.C. spokesman McKee immediately phoned the National Council to accuse the Silverlances of violating the law. However, the accusation was immediately rejected because the Adeptus had the right to mobilize them during critical moments.[3]

The first thing the Silverlances did upon their arrival was to pay a visit to the Nearl family and Madam Russell, the Grand Knight. In turn Madam Russell invited them to watch the Kazimierz Major even though they despise it. When meeting Młynar Nearl, they saluted him out of respect for the Nearls. In turn, Młynar humbly refused their salute, stating that he was nothing more than an ordinary man.[6]

Centaurea the Platinum and the Armorless Union encountering the mighty Silverlances

During the finals between Margaret and the Blood Knight, the Silverlances were responsible for guarding the stadium from the assassins of the Armorless Union. Centaurea brought thirty assassins along, while the Silverlances brought only seven knights. The Silverlances even jokingly declared that they only need three to deal with her and her men. During Margaret and Dikaiopolis' historical march to the Champion's Hall, the Silverlances came to protect them from the assassins and led them along the way.[5]

By the end of the Major season, the Silverlances were responsible for guarding Kawalerielki's core city while it was undocking from the rest of the nomadic cities. Out of Margaret's request, they allowed the Infected to stay in Kawalerielki as they flooded into the capital during the process.[8]


  • Liam: The current leader of the Silverlance Pegasi.