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This article is about the eponymous Feranmut. For the chiefdom built upon It, see Sami.

"Sami" the Feranmut is an NPC in Arknights. It is a major supporting character in The Black Forest Wills A Dream and Expeditioner's Joklumarkar.


An ancient art depicting the Strīth/Ó-Friðr of Sami the Feranmut against Valrhvíta

Being called by the Samifjod as "All-Father" or the "Will of Sami," "Samivilinn (ᛊᚨᛗᛁᚹᛁᛚᛁᚾ)"[note 1] or "Samidáhttu (ᛊᚨᛗᛁᛞᚨᚺᛏᚢ)"[note 2], the land upon which the Sami tribes inhabit is literally the body of the eponymous Feranmut, being the largest of all of Them. Consequently, all the supernatural phenomena occurring on Sami soil such as the moving trees of the Mrykwood and moving mountains are in fact the result of the All-Father's work. The All-Father is worshipped as the patron god of Sami animism who is responsible for providing divination to the Snowpriests and shamans as a way of communication.[1]

The story of the All-Father could be explained in the Sami creation myth, the Strīth or Ó-Friðr[note 3]. Ten thousand years ago when mankind was born from the earth and wandered around the world, a giant "fowlbeast" named Valrhvíta sored in the sky while laying fiery eggs that cracked out with blazes and stunning light rays, which immediately awakened the All-Father Sami. Valrhvíta was blinded by the light from its egg but blamed the All-Father for crushing the eggs. So, Valrhvíta flapped its wings that created a frigid blizzard that rained feathers as tough as iron, killing many humans in the process. Seeing his "creations" being wronged by the rampaging "fowlbeast," the All-Father arose from the earth and stretched out His body to defend humans from the scorching blaze of the egg shells that were as hot as twenty suns, the blizzard, and feather rain.[2]

Despite preserving humanity from the disaster, the All-Father was severely injured, forcing Him to dig into the ground and hibernate for recovery. In the meantime, Valrhvíta, after recovering from the blindness, regretted its action, so it flew away from the mortal world never to be returned, but the "egg shells" it remained attracted the northern demons, the Andskotarnir, that could corrupt humans and the land through their psychic traits. Although the All-Father was too weak to clean up the "shells," He made a deal with the humans to defend the Myrkwood, the heart of Sami's body, from demonic corruption so that when He recovered from His recovery, He will aid the humans to eradicate the threat of the Andskotarnir once and for all.[2] Nevertheless, despite Its effort, the All-Father is getting weaker over the course of history due to continuous corruption which makes Its recovery nearly impossible, and the healings of the Elves, created beings of another Feranmut, are extremely limited. Hence, the All-Father has been continuously sending similar oracles to many shamans to drive them seeking aid from the foreigner outposts in the south.[1]


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